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One day at a time...
#7 173/365
2,363 streak
Day 1,825
5 years !
Thank you my dear Tookapic friends for your likes, comments and kindness. And thank you Paweł for making all this possible. P.s self-timer p...
Day 1,631
Lots of tests to determine what's up
Day 1,572
Dear Mum
You're my biggest fan here on Tookapic, I know how much you look forward each morning to see the pic I've posted. When I phone you (not enoug...
Day 1,779
Touch #95
Signed the rental agreement for my photo studio 💪 Moving in 1st of February. The beginning of a new adventure.
Day 1,462
The view
Skinned up to the top of my mountain for this stupendous view of #mont-blanc
Day 1,516
Simply love taking pics of #Eva
Day 1,784
Touch #100
Not quite the photo I had in mind to wrap up the series, but surprised how well it worked out
Day 1,628
New bike :)
I seem to be spending more money on bikes than on camera gear. This is probably a good thing. Taking moving pics on a mountain bike in the...
Day 1,632
Blue sky
From my hospital bed. A touch of optimism.
Day 1,677
Seoul Day 10
Fabulous visit the the Leeum Museum of Art. Got to see another Hiroshi Sugimoto print from the Theaters series. And the spiral staircase...
Day 1,700
Touch #17 (and 1700th pic)
Giant Fanta-orange bean-bags at the pool, starting a second Foenkinos
Day 1,554
From Spring back to Winter in just a few hours. Crazy.
Day 1,674
Seoul Day 7
Day trip outside of Seoul to the Everland amusement park. This is the impressive T Express wooden roller coaster.
Day 1,519
J'ai 19 ans
Nineteen in a row 😊 #eva
Day 1,500
Really wanted another portrait of #Oscar for #1500. Thanks :)
Day 1,560
Done 💪
It took five weeks but I finished I'm now an expert on Swiss geography 🤓
Day 1,630
Not the day I had planned as standing up made my head spin...
Day 1,637
Chemin d'Eysins
On the way back from tests at the hospital I passed by the entrance to the appartement we first lived in here when I was a kid. I reme...
Day 1,724
Touch #41
Arrived in Corfu for the weekend 😎
Day 1,801
Two large prints of a series I'm hoping to exhibit next year after it's complete
Day 1,809
Great day skiing together, fun time with the lights at home
Day 1,607
J'ai 16 ans
#oscar 1yr ago: 3yrs ago:
Day 1,696
Touch #13
Oscar waiting for the 6:44 train on his way to his first day of his 4-year apprenticeship. Big day for both of us
Day 1,606
Lyon #2
All stairs should be like this