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One day at a time...
#8 343/365
2,898 streak
Day 2,898
Chez Slatkine
Great evening discovering Pollock and Krasner’s art works and life
Day 2,897
Work in Geneva
Day 2,896
Testing the lamps outside my studio
Day 2,895
Day 2
Best friends
Day 2,894
Day 1
Slightly more snow this year than last year’s
Day 2,893
For a location for a portrait project
Day 2,892
Another stroll in the Old Town
Day 2,891
“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” – Rumi
Day 2,890
Christmas tree
Shopping with Eva 🌲
Day 2,889
Seeing things differently
Day 2,888
Green chair
Visiting the chateau de Prangins and the photo exhibition there
Day 2,887
Tête de course
Best way to start the day
Day 2,886
So sweet
Day 2,885
31 days
To Christmas. Another nice lunchtime stroll
Day 2,884
Train day
Trip to Zurich to pick up another secondhand Sigma
Day 2,883
Cathédrale Saint-Pierre
Lunchtime stroll
Day 2,882
Random shot waiting in the queue at Ikea
Day 2,881
First snow
Sprinkling of snow this morning on the car
Day 2,880
Oscar and Max having fun
Day 2,879
Another spiral
For my collection 😊 Very good photo fair in town. Got to chat with Leo Fabrizio and ogle high-end Phase One gear.
Day 2,878
Down early to work
Day 2,877
Quick visit to the studio on his way out
Day 2,876
Challenging day at work
Day 2,875
You can change your mind
IKEA shopping with Eva