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One day at a time...
#7 127/365
2,317 streak
Day 2,317
A little like my day, but happy to have another one of my old fillings replaced at the dentists, where this was taken
Day 2,316
The sun and her flowers
Another touching Rupi Kaur book of poems. « love is understanding we have the power to hurt one another but we are going to do...
Day 2,315
9 degrees
Some days I just have to swim. Today was one of those! Cold, even with the wetsuit, but good for me!
Day 2,314
Another ride
Yes that’s sleet on the windshield, it was May!
Day 2,313
On a rainy day
Day 2,312
Super-efficient mass vaccination in Lausanne. Next dose in five weeks.
Day 2,311
Visor down
First ride with my licence 😃
Day 2,310
Good day, quick pic
Day 2,309
Picnic in the sun
And lovely walk afterwards
Day 2,308
A good feeling
To see my work appreciated 😊
Day 2,307
Quite a day!
Fastest climb of the season (!) to Bella Tola for this spectacular view of the Weisshorn. Some things will change but the mountains will...
Day 2,306
Early evening mountain bike ride. Bit of a strange day so good to feel some speed.
Day 2,305
Happy-happy to be doing laps. Evening not what I excepted though. Oh well...
Day 2,304
Riding home
Work, bike, swim, work, bike. Not too bad a day !
Day 2,303
Miss you
Day 2,302
Back biking
Work, bike, quick swim in the lake and night out: another good day
Day 2,301
Good feeling
Second breakfast and lunch in the sun, late afternoon swim: a good day.
Day 2,300
1. P-K4, P-QB4; 2 N-QB3
Playing correspondence chess the old-school way and looking up moves in my thirty year-old copy of Modern Chess Openings. So.....
Day 2,299
First time on a motorbike for Oscar, and since many years for me. Lots of very big smiles for both of us! Very tempted to get one as Oscar...
Day 2,298
Oh yeah!
Great to be back 🏊‍♂️ 😃
Day 2,297
Going down
Not quite the same as on skis...
Day 2,296
Day 51
And what a day it was! Perfect blue skies, fresh fields of powder and good company to climb the Rosablanche at 3336m that I’ve been wanting to...
Day 2,295
For tomorrow 😎
Day 2,294
Off to the 6h30 train with Oscar. Big good step forward for me too afterwards