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One day at a time...
#6 262/365
2,087 streak
Day 2,087
Very bumpy lake
But I’m fearless
Day 2,086
Slipping though my fingers
Day 2,085
Waiting for the train
Day 2,084
One day, maybe
One day, maybe
Day 2,083
Charted a nice big boat to explore gorgeous Capri
Day 2,082
The walk of the Gods
Fabulous walk with stunning views!
Day 2,081
Winging it
Fabulous day
Day 2,080
Passport please
Off for a four day holiday with my best friends 😁
Day 2,079
Two swims
One short and slow, one long and fast 😂
Day 2,078
Crazy fish
Merci les hommes pour hier soir
Day 2,077
Off to Geneva
Day 2,076
Morning coffee
Day 2,075
Good day
Mountains, Festival de images in Vevey and sunset swim
Day 2,074
In the lake
Water is not so warm anymore, but that’s fine. 4 years..., miss you too
Day 2,073
Chat, coffee, swim
Day 2,072
Day 2,071
In my hand
Bumpy swim. Great photo session afterwards with Mélanie :
Day 2,070
Time to change
I've been taking portrait orientation photos since the beginning of May. Time for a change. Not sure yet how, or whether it's going to...
Day 2,069
The girl with the umbrella
Day 2,068
Lots of fun shooting Instax portraits today. This of Mélanie, due in just a few weeks, is my favorite.
Day 2,067
For tomorrow morning in the studio. Tookapic friends, you're welcome to pass by 😃
Day 2,066
The further, the better
Day 2,065
Framed Instax
A friend of mine is making lovely custom mats to frame my instax wide photos. Really happy with how they look.
Day 2,064
Two fish
Great long swim and chat with my good friend Alexis