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One day at a time...
#7 64/365
2,254 streak
Day 2,254
Day 30
Fast climb with Y in the morning, sweet class of kids in the afternoon, gallery in the evening. A good day.
Day 2,253
Another fabulous day
Ski climb in the morning, and in the afternoon a fun with @tania to swim in the lake at six de...
Day 2,252
The exhibition is closing at the end of the week. Time now to finish up what I started over a year ago for the next one... #theme-symmetry
Day 2,251
Fabulous day
Fabulous day Fast skiing with Oscar in the morning, climbing in the afternoon. Yes, a fabulous day 😃
Day 2,250
J'ai 21 ans
❤️ you Eva
Day 2,249
Day 2,248
Lakeside picnic
Peaceful, with C.
Day 2,247
Having fun
Throwing snowballs at the top of my mountain
Day 2,246
Dappes. Beautiful sunny day again!
Day 2,245
Six little skiers
That I have for the next three days, Day 25, still hoping to reach 50 days before the end of the season 🤞
Day 2,244
Day 24
Another very warm day and nice easy climb
Day 2,243
My mountain again
Easy climb in spring-like weather!
Day 2,242
Gare de Eaux-Vives
When you find the person you were looking for in the train
Day 2,241
Oscar’s first drive after passing his theory exam for a provisional licence 👏👏 My little boy is growing up!
Day 2,240
Light and dark
The way things are
Day 2,239
Dark morning
When you take a photo and get bad news at the same time
Day 2,238
On the end
Day 2,237
Bigger mountains
Another big climbing day
Day 2,236
My mountain
Great climbs above the clouds
Day 2,235
After a nice snowy walk and warm tea
Day 2,234
Day 20
What happens when you look at the webcam at lunchtime and see it’s blue sky above the clouds and you change your plans for the afternoon 💪
Day 2,233
Day 19
My eight kids are skiing faster and faster 💪
Day 2,232
From Em
Merci ❤️
Day 2,231
Happy with how my 6x6 enlargements are turning out