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One day at a time...
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Day 1,697
Touch #14
Perfect weather for a mountain bike ride with Oscar
Day 1,696
Touch #13
Oscar waiting for the 6:44 train on his way to his first day of his 4-year apprenticeship. Big day for both of us
Day 1,695
Touch #12
Really enjoying David Foenkinos's "Vers la beauté"
Day 1,694
Touch #11
Windy so most of the 50m pool to myself
Day 1,693
Touch #10
Day 1,692
Touch #9
Getting Oscar's "Abonnement Général" ticket. Twelve months of public transport anywhere in Switzerland 🚆 🚌 🚈 🚣‍♀️ 🇨🇭
Day 1,691
Touch #8
Lovely sunny day mountain biking in the Valais
Day 1,690
Touch #7
Mountain lake swim - 10 degrees 😮
Day 1,689
Touch #6
Golden hour swim
Day 1,688
Touch #5
Between solid and liquid
Day 1,687
Touch #4
Running my hand over the canvas of Bernard's new painting before he starts work
Day 1,686
Touch #3
Bibi just loves being tickled behind his ears
Day 1,685
Touch #2
New mini-series :)
Day 1,684
Touch #1
Feel the need to start a new series
Day 1,683
I was relieved to see Bibi in fine form despite my two weeks away
Day 1,682
The pool
Seoul was fantastic, but I really missed swimming
Day 1,681
Seoul Day 14
At the airport before flying back with Oscar. It's been a fabulous trip. Thank you Eva for being our "local" guide
Day 1,680
Seoul Day 13
Great day on the outskirts of Seoul in Anyang Art Park. Lots of pics but this happy one of Eva and Oscar together is one I especially lik...
Day 1,679
Seoul Day 12
Scorching 38 degrees day, but great visits to the National Museum of Korea, the recently opened Botanic Park and, as photographed here, F...
Day 1,678
Seoul Day 11
Four storey high bookshelves in the Blue Square culture center in Itaewon.
Day 1,677
Seoul Day 10
Fabulous visit the the Leeum Museum of Art. Got to see another Hiroshi Sugimoto print from the Theaters series. And the spiral staircase...
Day 1,676
Seoul Day 9
The Banghwa-Macheon "purple" 5 metro line. The extensive metro is just amazingly efficient. A good job as above-ground the traffic is simp...
Day 1,675
Seoul Day 8
Awesome family portrait session with a Mamiya 6x7. Now just have to find a big bright studio like this one to rent back home !!!
Day 1,674
Seoul Day 7
Day trip outside of Seoul to the Everland amusement park. This is the impressive T Express wooden roller coaster.