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One day at a time...
#8 20/365
2,575 streak
Day 2,575
Puppy time
I love dogs too 😊
Day 2,574
More blue sky
After a nice lunch at TdC
Day 2,573
Day 20
2645 vertical meters of climbing over the weekend with Alexis and Christopher: Just 100 days before our big...
Day 2,572
Day 19
Fabulous day touring at 3000m above Crans-Montana. This is heading up the Rohrbachstein.
Day 2,571
Hello again
Cats are funny
Day 2,570
Neptune on the balcony
Day 2,569
Day 18
Howling winds at the top of my mountain
Day 2,568
University library
Picking up some books for Eva. A good day.
Day 2,567
Work from home
With my assistant Pamplemousse 😊
Day 2,566
Day 17
Lots of snow, lots of wind, lots of climbs, lots of fun!
Day 2,565
Day 16
Climbs in the afternoon with Alexis in strong winds, night skiing with Oscar on fabulous snow
Day 2,564
Day 15
Late afternoon ski with Oscar, always special.
Day 2,563
Challenging day for the most part. One day at a time
Day 2,562
Day 14
Good to be climbing again after a two week break, despite the difficult conditions at the top.
Day 2,561
Another day, another cat
Neptune also pondering the meaning of life
Day 2,560
The meaning of life
Pampelmousse observing the world outside
Day 2,559
Anselm Kiefer
Amazing « The Seven Heavenly Palaces » exhibition
Day 2,558
Malkovich not Picasso
Visited an amazing exhibition of Sandro Miller’s homage to iconic portraits. This is his version of Irvin Penn’s fabulous portra...
Day 2,557
Grateful for so much this year. Wishes for the New Year. #theme-color-lights
Day 2,556
From the train window on the way to Milano.
Ian finished 365 project #7!
Day 2,555
Seven years
I remember starting off, taking photos for 30 days straight seemed such a challenge. Yet here I am 2555 days later. I’ve never seriously c...
Day 2,554
Busy busy
Another day in the office finishing up projects. Can’t believe it’s almost six years since I finished my first 365,
Day 2,553
Me and my shadow
Full day at work with rain pouring down outside. Only time for this one photo.
Day 2,552
Swiss press awards
A bit depressing, I think I know why I could never be a photo journalist.