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One day at a time...
#6 187/365
2,012 streak
Day 2,012
Table for 4
Getting the table ready for dinner after a lovely hike behind the house.
Day 2,011
As instant 4x5 film is so hard to find I've ordered a custom 4x5 back to shoot with Instax Wide. Have the film so can't wait for it to arriv...
Day 2,010
Off to Geneva
First face-to-face meeting of the year
Day 2,009
For another lunchtime swim #theme-green
Day 2,008
New little swimmers 😊 #theme-green
Day 2,007
Lonely tree
Day 2,006
Easy day at home
Day 2,005
The only ones
Day 2,004
...of a gazelle #theme-coffee
Day 2,003
I'm swimming so much I think my feet are starting to turn into fins 😂
Day 2,002
By the lake
Day 2,001
Come in
It's always a delightful feeling slipping into the lake
Day 2,000
Can't quite believe it's been two thousand days in a row... I only realized it was 2000 when I arrived home 😂 My favorite photo? The one I haven'...
Day 1,999
Bike tour
With my good friend Corinne
Day 1,998
Bernard and Christiane
At their vernissage in Romainmôtier
Day 1,997
Day at the museum
Took the day off and went up to Basel to visit the exhibition of Edward Hopper, one of my favorite painters. I found the Beyeler bea...
Day 1,996
One of my favorite models for obvious photo before shooting with 4x5 film. Impatient to see how the enlargements look!
Day 1,995
Lovely swim
And an even more lovely evening ❤️
Day 1,994
Lunchtime swim
With my good friend Alexis. First swim for me without a wetsuit, not so cold anymore!
Day 1,993
Another great swim in my favorite swimming pool 😃
Day 1,992
Lazy Sunday
Perfect lazy Sunday with the kids with a visit to our favorite restaurant in the village. #oscar
Day 1,991
Everything is possible
The lake was cold this morning! Strange, it’s supposed to get warmer, not colder. This is the lake-crossing planned for August....
Day 1,990
After swimming
Fabulous lake swim with my good friend Alexis. We’re planning swimming across the lake this Summer as a “little” challenge 😁
Day 1,989
Time for a another swim
Fabulous swim in surprisingly flat lake. Feeling fit 💪