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One day at a time...
#8 187/365
2,742 streak
Day 2,742
Having fun with Oscar seeing how long we can hold our breath
Day 2,741
Pool to ourselves
Great to be on holiday in the South of France.
Day 2,740
Indoor climbing
With Oscar. Fun, but tough on the arms!
Day 2,739
After getting back from Genolier with Oscar
Day 2,738
So very sweet
Day 2,737
"E" as in Exam
And passed, first time 💪
Day 2,736
New and old
Impromptu shopping with Oscar
Day 2,735
Saint Pancreas
I’m always impressed by English train stations
Day 2,734
Playing in the park with Molly
Day 2,733
The Shard
Fabulous day exploring art exhibitions. Andreas Gursky wa...
Day 2,732
Off to London 😊
Day 2,731
Dream studio
Now that’s the size of studio I’d like. One day :)
Day 2,730
First rain in quite a while
Day 2,729
The start of a 11-year photo project
With @tania setting up out gear to shoot a class of first year primary children. We will return each year for the...
Day 2,728
Down to the lake for lunch
Day 2,727
Let me in
Pamplemousse looking cute as always
Day 2,726
Day 4
Of the music festival. Tired feet…
Day 2,725
Manuela and Julien
Photographed their wedding ceremony - tense experience but happy with the results.
Day 2,724
Fun serving beer for four days.Mika this evening was awesome
Day 2,723
Good to be shooting 4x5 again in my studio, especially with an extremely nice and photogenic family
Day 2,722
Missed the train
Day 2,721
Sunny ….and busy… day
Day 2,720
Walk along the river
Walk along the river Before heading back
Day 2,719
A slower walk
The Lake District: paradise for walkers