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One day at a time...
#7 173/365
2,363 streak
Day 1,906
Thumbs up 👍👍
Good feeling to be a bit silly 🙃 Inspired by #my-pandemic-washingmachine #theme-at-home
Day 1,845
When the heart says you can make it to the top, to the place you‘ve dreamt of, but when the timing is wrong and you have to turn back 😢
Day 1,895
January in March
Winter seems to be two months late this year
Day 1,910
Studio lighting examples: one light - split
The start of a little series of different studio light setups. 135cm Octobox (with single internal diffuse...
Day 1,862
Looking back
In more ways than one. That said, great conditions for a ski climb
Day 1,904
Yogurt from my #my-pandemic-fridge for making Crème Budwig, perfect Swiss breakfast 😃 #theme-at-home
Day 1,899
Help again
Day 1,975
In the lake
Another great swim with Alexis. The water is getting warmer! First 4x5 portrait of him and his girlfriend afterwards. Nerve wracking tryin...
Day 2,052
Evening rain
Cleansing for the mind, heart and soul
Day 1,952
Foggy tree view
Lovely to watch the fog rolling in this morning
Day 1,872
Weisshorn, Dent Blanche, Matterhorn: these majestic mountains never fail to leave me in awe
Day 1,915
Studio lighting examples: two lights - flat light
I found a younger model for the series 😀 Almost no shadows with this light setup. Works best with a...
Day 1,908
The three of us
I took part of my studio home 😊 I think this might be the first tookapic of the three of us...
Day 1,947
Same tree
As yesterday, but much more dreary weather
Day 2,157
Just a little bit
...crazy. When it’s finished it will have 154 photos and measure 120x60cm....
Day 1,898
Day 1,828
Almost empty
Off to the Alps for a few days
Day 1,855
That’s more like it 😁
Day 1,883
Winter is back!
After feeling like Spring just a few days ago. Nice surprise... like my evening 😊
Day 1,959
Where did my trees go ?
Day 1,873
Snow canyon
Skiing down the famous Vallon d’Arbi with Oscar
Day 1,911
Studio lighting examples: one light - butterfly
85 cm deep octobox (with single internal diffuser) directly above the model. Called butterfly as that'...
Day 1,949
Which path to take?
That is the question....
Day 1,954
First swim
Great to be back swimming in the lake