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One day at a time...
#6 21/365
1,846 streak
Day 1,828
Almost empty
Off to the Alps for a few days
Day 1,845
When the heart says you can make it to the top, to the place youβ€˜ve dreamt of, but when the timing is wrong and you have to turn back 😒
Day 1,826
Happy new year my dear Tookapic friends
Day 1,843
Fabulous light over the lake this morning
Day 1,830
Last run down
Great way to end two days of fabulous skiing in Verbier
Day 1,844
Always a satisfying feeling to arrive at the mountain hut after a climb
Day 1,829
Stairway to heaven
The appropriately named climb to reach a pristine valley to ski down. With my best friend Graham and my god-daughter Rachel 😊
Day 1,835
End of the day
Quite a busy one too...
Day 1,832
Geneva under the mist
Extended the holidays and skinned up my mountain to get the view 😎
Day 1,837
Happy I got up up and out early this morning to see #montblanc at sunrise
Day 1,834
Going up
First of five Wednesday afternoons ski-instructing 😎
Day 1,836
Off to work
On my little road through the forest
Day 1,846
New dawn, the moon and the mountains
"Lady, by yonder blessed moon I vow That tips with silver all these fruit-tree tops" William Shakespeare, Romeo a...
Day 1,840
Having fun !
Jon an Cath on the downhill "piste" the ski school set up in the middle of Lausanne for the Youth Winter Olympic Games. Lots of fun πŸ˜ƒ
Day 1,831
Ride up
Great ski-lesson with Vincent. Finally figured out what a cross-under turn is all about!
Day 1,841
Second Wednesday ski-school lessons. Another sunny day 😎
Day 1,838
Ski school
First private lessons of the season. Feels more like March than January tho...
Day 1,827
The view
Almost the same pic as one year ago...should have taken my real camera in my rucksack tho like last year...
Day 1,839
My faithful companion #bibi
Day 1,833
Oscar arriving home
Day 1,842
Not as good a pic as last year but the excuse is I actually did the race this time! Night ski racing really i...