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#2 76/365
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Day 441
Fun with bike, lights, camera and maths. I'm pleased with the idea, less with the execution.
Day 440
Day 439
Day 438
Park Sołacki
Snapped quickly after running.
Day 437
Bike ride 2
Day 436
Bike ride
Day 435
Ut queant laxis
Day 434
Platform 5
Day 433
Day 432
Day 431
I want this summer to be the time of getting back to my neglected hobbies, foreign languages being one of them.
Day 430
Architecture and geometry 7
Day 429
I transported my piano keyboard to the new room. Sorry, flatmates :P
Day 428
Streets of Jeżyce
Day 427
Day 426
I met my friend's pet rabbit during a surprise birthday party :D
Day 425
Discovering the new neighbourhood
I like it! I'm in the same city, but things seem to be quite different here.
Day 424
New room
I moved from the dormitory to a single room in a tenement flat. It's so nice and my workplace is right around the corner :)
Day 423
"Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth"
Today was the last Mass with my beloved choir in this academic year and a farewell to our bass player, teno...
Day 422
Hello again! After completing my first 365 project in August 2018, I had a few-month-long break and tried to start again in January. My se...
Day 421
Day 420
Back to reality
I returned to Poland on Monday evening, now it's time to get back to work and university.
Day 419
Port of Marsaxlokk
This tongue-twisting word (pronounced like marsashlock) is a name of a fishermen's village on the east coast of Malta. It's famous...
Day 418
Our Lady of Good Counsel
It's been raining the whole day, so I didn't do any sightseeing, but had a chance to browse through the photos taken in the p...