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#2 56/365
44 streak
Day 421
Day 420
Back to reality
I returned to Poland on Monday evening, now it's time to get back to work and university.
Day 419
Port of Marsaxlokk
This tongue-twisting word (pronounced like marsashlock) is a name of a fishermen's village on the east coast of Malta. It's famous...
Day 418
Our Lady of Good Counsel
It's been raining the whole day, so I didn't do any sightseeing, but had a chance to browse through the photos taken in the p...
Day 417
Streets of Valletta
Day 416
I walked around Mdina in the afternoon, enjoying its lovely streets in daylight, but I Iooked at the lanterns and kept wondering what they wou...
Day 415
Mġarr Harbour
A day on the Gozo island. This is a view of a harbour with the ferry terminal from a hill, close to the Lourdes chapel.
Day 414
Malta, day 2. I visited Sliema in the morning, walked around Mosta around noon and moved on to hike at the Għajn Tuffieħa bay in the afternoon....
Day 413
I landed in Malta late last night, now it's time to discover the new surroundings. There's something special about travelling to a new place. Y...
Day 412
The day of departure was a very busy one. I didn't manage to take out my camera even once, so here's just a quick snap from the airport.
Day 411
Ready to go
I haven't entered Tookapic for a while, but hey, I'm still alive! Now it's time for a little, well-deserved holiday after completing my Ba...
Day 410
Light and shadow
Day 409
Day 408
Sick streak
Day 407
Day 406
Architecture and geometry 6
Back to the wide angle :)
Day 405
Day 404
Practising a new song for the church choir. This time it's an original creation from our conductor!
Day 403
Reading time
Day 402
I managed to catch some nice light just after work :)
Day 401
We did it :D
Day 400
Day 399
Day 398
Hard copy