Year #3 Progress
Day 748
Friday evening
Friday evening Am I old if I'm making pancakes in friday evening? ;D
Day 747
Morning coffee
Morning coffee Pretty good day. Causing smile on someone's face taste great.
Day 746
Early dinner
Early dinner I ate breakfast, second breakfast at work, lunch, I back to home and I'm still hungry...
Day 745
Vitamin D
Vitamin D
Day 744
Day 743
Day 742
One of those perfect moment
One of those perfect moment They say today is international pizza day. Who cares, pizza is good... always. The best taste you can get, when you share...
Day 741
Beer after work
Beer after work
Day 740
Low power - lazy morning
Low power - lazy morning
Day 739
Work eat sweet repeat
Work eat sweet repeat Yep, I know that I said it's time to break from sugar but... It was stronger than me today. Normally I don't have a problem to s...
Day 738
Pancake Heaven
Pancake Heaven I wish more moments like this. It's not only about the food.
Day 737
Closed or not
Closed or not Sometimes we have to close some books if we want to open the new one and start a new story.
Day 736
Entertainment set
Entertainment set Another series ended. Sandwiches and Netflix sounds like good evening, isn't it?
Day 735
Game time
Game time "Tabu" yesterday, classic game from childhood "Eurobusiness" this evening.
Day 734
Water with lemon
Water with lemon Doctor said I should drink more water #theme-glass We had really funny evening. It wasn't planned. I said to my workmates, maybe we c...
Day 733
Break from sugar again
Break from sugar again Last small biscuit or two today this evening and I'm starting next break from sugar again. February is a short month.
Day 732
Strange perspective
Strange perspective
Day 731
Jan finished 365 project #2!
Day 730
Damn it, this is today
Damn it, this is today Last year I almost forgot about this day. Today I almost forgot as well and I didn't have a time to do something more for this...
Day 729
Real press
Real press I bought some paper magazines. It's nice to read real press, not only articles on websites. This one based on Psychology Today.
Day 728
Nutella inside
Nutella inside This year I had to eat more pizzas, not donuts... Anyway these donuts reminds me some good time and are really really good. They taste...
Day 727
Evening cooking
Evening cooking
Day 726
Evening reading
Evening reading
Day 725
"Simple" donut
"Simple" donut It's great when "simple" donut can make a day. Especially if it is not about your day and you are giving someone not a donut but happin...