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Day 955
Day 954
Sad story but highly recommend it - Joker
Day 953
Tea season now is officially open
Sezon na wieczorną herbatę w dupnym kubku uważam oficjalnie za otwarty.
Day 952
Autumn morning Sunday coffee
The history came the circle. One year ago Sundays started to be my one of my favourite day. Now is the second Sunday one...
Day 951
Got it!
Day 950
It always works
The throat still hurts, The syrup does not help.
Day 949
Time to use this birthday gift
It was waiting 2 months. I almost forgot about it. Really like gifts like that.
Day 948
Day 947
Friday at work
Day 946
Coffee to go
Day 945
No sun outside so it is time to back to supplements :/
Day 944
Autumn came
Two weeks ago I was on summer holiday. Now Autumn came and everything is different.
Day 943
First day of Autumn...
I remember the first day of Spring this year just like it was few days ago... It was really nice time because I truly saw the S...
Day 942
Walking back home
The first day, Norway welcomed us with great sunny weather. The second day, the sky was covered by clouds but it was warm enough. Qu...
Day 941
The first meet with Nirway
I always wanted visit northern countries. Finally reached to Norway. It was only one and a half day but time with nature vi...
Day 940
Quick weekend trip
Day 939
Don't follow this way
Day 938
Almost like a gift...
...when you ordered a set of socks but you don't know which patterns you will get. I like this Blind Box.
Day 937
Best beer this year
Mango APA
Day 936
Really recommend this kind of service
Comfortable, flexible, no contract and cheap. Just using it and don't remember.
Day 935
The last cinema session
Day 934
This is not what you thinking...
Yep, it is homemade bracelet... and yep, it is on my hand... but only temporary. There was a lot of local souvenirs i...
Day 933
7 days / 184 photos
I uploaded photos from my camera and phone to the cloud. 184 photos from 7 days. Not bad. I was worry it will be much bigger numbe...
Day 932
Alkohol and cigarettes
Stuff like that is cheaper than in Poland so we took it. Cigarettes are not for me. I took for myself the bottle of local brand...