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Day 859
Forgotten cemetery in the city center
Forgotten by people, returned to nature
Day 858
Booking Yeah!
Quick weekend trip planned.
Day 857
Lazy Sunday
Day 856
World Class Coktail Festival
It was one of the hottest day this year. We started this early evening from World Class Coktail Festival. I chose Cadenza...
Day 855
Nothing special happened through this day but there was a few simple good things like this one above. Two of them was at work. Simple moment t...
Day 854
Any Netflix recommendations?
There is too much movies and series. Sometimes when I just want to watch something on the end of the day I don't know whi...
Day 853
This taste saved day. All other things wasn't good today (nothing special after last Saturday's evening)
Day 852
Car Expo
Day 851
Not good ending...
It was good beginning of the day. The ending was sucks again. We were at the cinema on X Men Dark Phenix. It wasn't great episode....
Day 850
Waiting for nothing
I uploaded this photo a few days later than I took. This day I didn't know than I'm waiting for nothing again.
Day 849
Hot Thursday
Day 848
Day 847
Old empty place
We took a trip after work to Bytom
Day 846
It was really tiring day
When I woke up i thought, it will be nice, the weather is perfect. But clima at work destroyed everything, really. After 8 ho...
Day 845
Sunday reading
Sunday at home. It's shame a little bit because the weather is just perfect today. I got this e-book, it seems to be really interesting...
Day 844
1st of June
1st of June so I took my mom on ice cream
Day 843
I met this young and lovely lady first time today. We took a walk with dogs in Silesian Park. Nice Friday evening.
Day 842
Sweet end of the day
I took my mom for a walk today. I'm glad because she doesn't go out too often lately. Today the weather wasn't perfect. We took w...
Day 841
Light vs shadow
After sunny weekend it's raining every day again. Just great weather for the week off :/ It doesn't let me rest. I wanted to go for a...
Day 840
I took this because I like a taste salty caramel... but I don't recommend that one actually.
Day 839
Morning walk
Day 838
Small Sunday trip
We took a small trip to Olsztyn based nearby Częstochowa with my friend Serafin. We were walking, taking photos and enjoyed a very g...
Day 837
Saturday's sun
I don't know what's the weather is in your place guys, but here it's 3rd (or even more) gray and rainy week. Every of those had only on...
Day 836
Friday, end of work
Seriously, I don't remember the last time when my desk was so empty. Yep, I have next week off.