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Day 805
Tickets booked!
Incoming Saturday night, "dream" hall at Helios cinema. The most comfortable cinema ever. A lot of space. You can even lie down, grab...
Day 804
Day 803
Unexpected delivery
Sometimes (really often actually) small gests has big meaning. Some people are just better than Uber Eats :D
Day 802
Everything looks almost the same
First few days with glasses. It's not so easy to get to used to.
Day 801
Komes - Russian Impe­rial Stout
I got it from my workmate, He is the best beer expert I've ever know. Maybe our taste are not always the same, but he...
Day 800
Rafał the dog
Day 799
First glasses
Ok, better later than never they say. Few months ago I tested some glasses. I couldn't decide which pair I want. I had one favourite but...
Day 798
Noisy photos
We tried to make some photos to my friend Serafin's work. They have a competition. Pictures which showing their job (made after hours). W...
Day 797
Somewhere at the railway station.
I visited the place where I haven't been for a long time. It was a good day. It wasn't planned. This one moment stay...
Day 796
Colors gone again
Day 795
Perfect taste
It wasn't good week at all. But this evening tasted really nice, pretty unexpectedly.
Day 794
Day 793
Blueish or something
Day 792
Another weird story...
just like in life
Day 791
Gray instead of great...
When you get another gray time instead of the great time you tried to get
Day 790
Back to the healthy breakfast
Oatmeal with banana, dates and cinnamon.
Day 789
Another morning walk
Day 788
There is not to hot outside but sunny so I took some spring walk.
Day 787
Quick walk after gym and before go shopping
Day 786
Lazy morning
Day 785
Testing another tip...
I'm trying to start new habit. On the end of the day, before sleep I'll try to plan the next day, and note good points from cur...
Day 784
The second
I finished this book finally. This is my second book this year only. I have to catch up with reading. I had pretty lazy saturday after smal...
Day 783
"Us" the weirdest horror movie I've ever seen.
Day 782
Evening listening
Second visit at the gym this week. I had extra motivation today to go there. After gym there was quick but very nice meeting. The fo...