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#3 280/365
1 streak
Day 986
Evening tea with big dose of vitamin C
Day 985
Netflix - Atypical. Great series.
Season 3rd ended.
Day 984
I ended the book.
Day 983
Morning Sunday walk
Day 982
Winter tea
Very tasty winter tea after shopping.
Day 981
The cinema evening
Pretty good continuation of The Shining
Day 980
Cooking makes mood better
Day 979
Breaks and frames
Lazy evening with Snooker on tv. I don't have a lot energy last days. I must back to the gym next week.
Day 978
Lunch time is the best time of work
Some time ago I said that I like my job again really much. Now I feel again that lunch time is the only one my fav...
Day 977
Independence Day
Day 976
One of the next destination!
It was always interesting place for me. I watched few documentary movies about it. I always thought that would be great t...
Day 975
Rogale św. Marcina
Day 974
Morning coffe
I'm gonna start this day slow...
Day 973
Really heavy...
Another gift from my workmate Dominik. Really original taste.
Day 972
Evening city walk
Day 971
Evening weapon
Day 970
Great pizza always makes the day much better.
Day 969
I met the cat
Day 968
Park session (but not mine actually)
I was in the park today. I was taking photos but someone caught me on the photo as well. It was small session for...
Day 967
Friends on a big screen!
It never gets boring
Day 966
Miłosław warzy śmiało
z syropem klonowym.
Day 965
Day 964
Forest walk
Day 963
Simple solutions are pretty good... mostly cases.