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18, studying political science & loving it. Failed a 365 on here a few days before I would have finished in 2017 (@rainsandshadows) and now trying to do it better. Doing 365 self portraits this time.
#1 183/365
16 streak
Day 183
christmas star
you watch the world in silence.
Day 182
all i know
(Edit: 50% huh? Woooow) Took the train up to Hamburg to see a concert of Duncan Laurence. This is me in my hostel’s elevator.
Day 181
blanket power
This is almost my only night at home the whole week.
Day 180
the best place in the world
At our institute’s christmas celebration tonight which was reeeeally good.
Day 179
I don’t know why me and my little cousins took this photo but it’s pretty cute.
Day 178
My throat has been making some problems for the last week so there’s nothing like some warm tea.
Day 177
oh christmas lights
I went to Berlin today and came back the same evening because I attended an event by the ministry for foreign affairs. Stumbled by...
Day 176
subtle christmas
This is just my reflection in my advent calendar. I know it’s hard to see but it is there.
Day 175
I didn’t sleep well, too much stress.
Day 174
mixed feelings
We had our work christmas celebration today and it was fun but I had a panic attack in the morning so I wasn’t feeling super well.
Day 173
no christmas for college students
Honestly, I’ve rarely been more stressed than this week.
Day 172
I totally broke my streak so you have to see my face 3 or 4 times in a row now. Sorry. This was the hall where the party conference took place...
Day 171
labour till the work is done
At the party conference all weekend. Luckily it is in a city quite close to home so I can sleep in my own bed this time.
Day 170
let’s go save the world
This time I went to the global climate strike in Hannover because it’s usually more fun than in my small(ish) hometown there....
Day 169
hold tight for everyday life
This was quite a spontaneous pic that I took for no reason at all.
Day 168
i stress about stress
Today I decided to not go on with a uni project bc I would not have been able to meet the deadline, but I feel very bad about it...
Day 167
you took me to your favourite place on earth
The view from this building (which belongs to my uni) is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.
Day 166
almost a disaster
Just one hour before midnight.
Day 165
The evening (more like afternoon) sky is beginning to look a lot like christmas here.
Day 164
can't fight this feeling anymore
My grandpa is celebrating his birthday today, and I made him some cookies.
Day 163
everyday life
I know I don’t look like it on the picture but I’m actually super happy because Coldplay’s new album is out today!! If you know me you k...
Day 162
I’ve had a great day, but it ended with me having to wait half an hour at Hannover central station, which was a bit of a pain.
Day 161
why am i always so tense?
Title says it all I suppose, was just trying to capture my feeling of the day.
Day 160
if all else fails
If all else fails we can always switch glasses for a sort of original shot.