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Political Science Unicorn

18, Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany. Previously @rainsandshadows. Trying to make my high school self proud by finishing what she started.
#1 67/365
42 streak
Day 66
late night thoughts
Today I really fucked up again and forgot to take a picture until it was quite late. But here we go.
Day 65
climb a tower
This is in Delft (Netherlands again). I climbed a very narrow staircase in a church and the view was great. Sadly it is hard to take a p...
Day 64
i really f*cked it up this time
Today I was in Antwerp and I forgot to take a selfie for real. Luckily I took a picture when I tried on a blouse so I...
Day 63
excuse my hair
I’ve arrived in Rotterdam, my home for a week. So far it has been extremely interesting but also windy.
Day 62
non aesthetic things
Me and my suitcase. I’m about to go on my longest solo trip ever to the Netherlands and Belgium and I’m kinda excited.
Day 61
Me and my dad went to an amusement park today that we also went to when I was 10.
so much love
Just a snapchat selfie for today I’m afraid. But it’s a cute one and I love my little cousin so much.
Day 60
get me out
I've been in a little hole for some days and I haven't really been motivated to do stuff. So I'm glad I at least took this picture tbh.
Day 59
life in technicolor
My friend and me wanted to go to the festival of colours but she had to cancel because she was sick. Luckily one of my other frien...
Day 58
christmas mug in summer
Felt a little sick towards the middle of the day, but the end of it was actually great.
Day 57
long long long way back
Just me and a random sunset.
Day 56
those nights
Coming home after a day of work and proofreading a MA dissertation is still pretty great.
Day 55
I need to find a new second job.. good luck to me yay.
Day 54
waiting for the next concert
I only have tickets for one left :( my favourite bands need to hurry up to come back soon!
Day 53
My day was kinda unproductive today.
Day 52
what happened
I wish I could say I'm actually playing here, but since our band breakup I've been lacking the motivation to do it even more than before...
Day 51
glad to have you
My mum has been sick for the last few days but she seems better now.
Day 50
mirror mirror
In a fun park with my little cousin.
Day 49
waving through a window
Surprisingly enough I kind of like this one.
Day 48
blowing in the wind
My little cousin is here bc she has summer vacation and so we went up to our local monument with her.
Day 47
brooklyn nine nine selfie
Me and my mum are currently watching this show (I’m rewatching, she’s watching for the first time).
Day 46
bye bye sun
From tomorrow on it’s supposed to cool down. I’m not much of a heat person so I’m glad but I did get a little used to it so I’m trying to...
Day 45
got her back
Reunited with my mum after her being on vacation for 2.5 weeks yay!
Day 44
gotta hit the road
I went to my uni town to take part in a scientific experiment for which I got paid. It was kind of fun but it’s still kinda too hot...