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Kamcza Villmark

Alien on Earth.
#2 203/365
3 streak
Day 568
On my knees but alive. #theme-negative-space
Day 567
Fire dragon 🔥
Day 566
Evenin' ⛈️
Day 565
Missed the theme.
Day 564
Another day in gray. Busy, more optimistic.
Day 563
Oh, what a noise we'll make, drowning out our mistakes, that we can't erase... This is the chance we take, we shout until our bones break, we can't re...
Day 562
Until there is no end, until there is no anything.
Day 561
Gold n' Blue.
Day 560
On the parents' ranch. Lack of inspiration for several weeks... I remember to take pictures every day, but if I don't get rid of this... low state aka...
Day 559
Chillin' with Husssss... 2 months off 🖤
Day 558
It's daytime, but the way home is cozy dark 🖤
Day 557
I'm happy, but I can't enjoy it.
Day 556
Asperitas 🌫️
Day 555
Roof window intruder
Day 554
Eating is almost the best thing in life. I would place it in the top 10, maybe even in the top 5.
Day 553
I can't get bored with these views..
Day 552
Gray day.
Day 551
Kuyavian-Pomeranian storm hunters have posted my photo of this beautiful cumulonimbus on their fanpage, so I decided to put it here as well :)
Day 550
The noctilucent clouds were visible today at 1 am, but I didn't took them. And this evening I wasn't so lucky to fix it..
Day 549
Fresh air evening 🌅
Day 548
We're wasted after 3 days of acute parties, but we're doing another one. For zombies only ☠️ https://tookapic.com/photos/725010
Day 547
I'm sorry for cheating, but this photo deserves to be here. Just us, finally together, happy, young and beautiful 🖤 Wear black or stay naked \m/
Day 546
One day break. Hus n' home ❤️
Day 545
Night out 🎳