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Alien on Earth.
#3 92/365
1 streak
Day 822
Its invaluable to have so much work these days. Im out often, I use public transport such as trains, trams and buses, meet people, fulfill my duties a...
Day 821
Walking around with my Special Man and Black. Today is the day of planting trees 🌳🌲
Day 820
At its dusk. BRDA
Day 819
Evening walk, nowhere.
Day 818
Dawn. And I am still alive. Good morning. Sorry for my absence, it's been about a month now... I feel stronger than ever but life isn't any easier, wh...
Day 817
Day 816
Want to feel my soul alive.
Day 815
Day 814
My bag, my leg, a black dog sitting on the back seat in silence.
Day 813
Starting weak this new week. 7 lbs lighter and feeling dirty. Disappointed. Tired. Lone.
Day 812
Vinewood taxi driving 🚖
Day 811
Lone field.
Day 810
Feeling like this today. Like a blurry shadow, disappearing every time theres a cloud.
Day 809
Overtime, workplace life mode on.
Day 808
Grey day not okay nothing to say 🗝️
Day 807
Concrete. Tries to be tough, but it's still FRAGILE. I am terrified for the first time in a long time. I fight, although I am resigned. The fate of my...
Day 806
In a sneak pit from now on.
Day 805
Shrooooms 🍄
Day 804
Mooornin'... 🚂
Day 803
Forklift driving training 🛒
Day 802
New day.
Day 801
The end of a day, something bad is coming.
Day 800
Awful way back home: very bad company at the countryside station, delayed train and cold.
Day 799