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Good Morning:) I'm not photographer, but i like taking photos. I believe thas 365 projekt i learn more about photography and get into the good habit. For now i think Tookapic will be more like dia...
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Day 156
Goodbye Tookapic!
Goodbye tookapic and good people! Yeap, it's time to finish my 365 project as 184project;)The End of interesting adventure. I'm glad...
Day 155
Crowded sky
Another photo from my office window. I was surprised that there are so many vapour trails on the sky above the middle of nowhere ;) Today...
Day 154
let's fly
I took a few photos of beauty sky, another few of birds on the sky, from my office...but when i was running for a bus, i spotted a nest near...
Day 153
up in the sky!
After work i had to met friend from association, because of some nonsense formality. Good point about that i reckoned about nice photos...
Day 152
heads up
You can see today modernist building(not so pretty for me), green trees, and blue sky! You can fell free! That's nice! It is fortuitous and r...
Day 151
Concrete city #160
Today i was late for "my"bus to work. So i was waiting and waiting for the next one...It took my a while to realise i should "look...
Day 150
work on colorful Sunday
Working sunday I was asked by frienf, Marta, who works for "Foundation for Active Rehabilitation" to lead some Laughter Worksh...
Day 149
Super-normal heroes we need
Super-normal heroes we deserve They are here, they hide among us! yeah, day full of endorphines! Even i didn't recruit any...
Day 148
go go power cranes!
Just after work i met with Asia in Ambasada Krakowian( recommend that place ). We were talking...
Day 147
​Wysoki Sądzie! / Your Honour!
That was funny and interesting challenge. Jacek( ) asked me few times to organise "tr...
Day 146
background action
I was walking around main square to find some old cars. I found one you can rent for a trip, and i was sneaking around it to take a...
Day 145
heat day. Young man really liked my camera. he was chased me when i was trying capture a photo. Probably my lens were reflecting light in rain...
Day 144
brum brum
Day started with some work month sum up, repairing parents computer, then work and yoga class. There were no time to take a photo connected...
Day 143
bez kakakasku
Freedom is when you don't have strict plan, except one - spend time nicely. Underground museum in Olkusz, ice-cream parlour, castle ruin...
Day 142
Silver Town
Saturday, but I woke up early (;) ) and left to get tickets to visit underground museum of Olkusz City, where you can find history of medi...
Day 141
What's up doc?
My second voluntary day with Dr Clown Fundation. I was asked to lead Laughter Yoga Workshop for mothers who visit their childs. It was...
Day 140
Yummy strawberry, yummy day:) I managed free-day from primary work. That was intense day started with yoga class at 7 o clock, prepare a lot of...
Day 139
don't stop me now!
Pleasant walk around cold Kraków with Aga. I spot a tree - nothing special, maybe but... In the city center, over street full of ca...
Day 138
During day i was walking about the streets because of another work, and it was tiring i almost have no energy to go out. Fortunately i was ar...
Day 137
free ride
New week, new theme. New try to reduced backlog on tookapic. Whole day was intensive, especially Joga Class (108 Surjanamaskar :O ). I had n...
Day 136
that escalated quickly
After work i had free time, so i planned to take some theme-pictures near the bus/train station. First i captured taxi drivers,...
Day 135
Freelancers everywhere! I hate those Smurfs! Just kidding, but it's strange feeling when you leaving home full of sleeping people ( or ta...
Day 134
Sometimes you have so many doubt you can se question marks everywhere. Little chaos in my mind, Will they be a good decisions? ;) /Chilly co...
Day 133
If you want run your own business you have to be everyone ( Andrzej had to finish his job before i could...