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Retired Grandfather trying to improve my photographic skills. I think this site will help do the trick. I hope to be documenting my daily life with images depicting the ebb and flow of each day.
#3 100/365
697 streak
Day 830
#830 Art on the street.
This is a stand a lone piece of art on the street corner. Very pretty stuff
Day 829
#829 Bike rack at the beach
Out on a bike ride today, came across this unique bike rack.
Day 828
#828 Wall Art
I'm seeing more and more of these beautiful paintings done on the side of buildings. Here is an example I ran into today.
Day 827
Beautiful day for the clouds
Day 826
#826 Corona Virus Crazyness
#826 Corona Virus Crazyness I really can not take credit for this idea. I saw some of these from another photographer who was bored out of their mind...
Day 825
#825 Gnomes invade the hardware store
Busy day, had to go to the hardware store for some supplies. Knew that I was not going to have much time to devo...
Day 824
#824 Look over the Bay
This is actually in the morning. The sun was very bright. The image is pretty nice.
Day 823
#823 Wall art
Saw this painted on the American Legion building.
Day 822
#822 Memorial
This statue is perched on top of a memorial in the local park. Impressive
Day 821
#821 Where does the path go
Not a great day to be outside, very windy and overcast. Contrast was difficult to deal with.. So this is what I came up wi...
Day 820
#820 Enjoying the view
An elderly couple enjoying the view of the bay on a beautiful Spring day.
Day 819
#819 Safety Harbor
#819 Safety Harbor I was downtown this afternoon, and thought this shows a little bit of our town.
Day 818
#818 Bayside Bridge
One of the many bridges we have in the local area. We need these to get around our community
Day 817
#817 A day on the river
Mid afternoon on a beautiful day on the river.
Day 816
#816 Bird in the Park
Came across this bird in the park.
Day 815
#815 Clouds over the Bay in B+W
I have been playing with using the square format and Black and White. This is out of the box for me. Most of the other...
Day 814
#814 Soaring Pelican
Today was beautiful, so I snuck out of the house and went to a pier. The pelicans were feeding, I caught this one coasting above...
Day 813
#813 Corridor Art
We live in an over 55 condo unit in Clearwater Florida. Many of the residents decorate their entryways. Since this virus is shutting...
Day 812
#812 A Birds Day on the Water
Saw this line of birds on the barrier and thought it might make a decent image. It did
Day 811
#811 Red
Nice little flower
Day 810
#810 Hall Easter Decorations
This display is down the hall from our door. This lady is one of the best at decorating her door way
Day 809
#809 Interesting candle
By the looks of this image, it was a slow day.
Day 808
#808 Lent
Easter is coming after Lent. This is a very holy time of our year.
Day 807
#907 Pelican
This guy was scooting along the water at a rapid speed. It was a wonderful day to be by the water