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Retired Grandfather trying to improve my photographic skills. I think this site will help do the trick. I hope to be documenting my daily life with images depicting the ebb and flow of each day.
#2 341/365
573 streak
Day 706
#706 Welcome Home
I pulled into my parking spot today this greeted me. Luckily I had my camera next to me on the seat, grabbed the shot before he flew...
Day 705
#705 Christmas
Christmas is popping up all over town, this will be the first of many (I hope) images relating to Christmas
Day 704
#705 The Pier, low tide
Testing a new camera and lens. Always go to a place you know. Like this image. This camera and lens combo has potential for su...
Day 703
#703 King of his domain
#703 King of his domain Out at the beach earlier today and came across some wild life
Day 702
#702 Afternoon at the movies
No movie is complete with out snacks. This is the concession stand at our local theater.
Day 701
#701 The Days End
#701 The Days End Beautiful ski and clouds as the day starts to end. Sunset is usually a very quiet nice time. Tonight was great.
Day 700
#700 My new camera
#700 My new camera Fujifilm XT-3 is my new best friend. Shown here with a 35mm F2. Very nice combination.
Day 699
#699 My Friend John
My friend John at his booth in the local Flea Market. He sells belts, buckles and wallets on the weekends
Day 698
#698 Ready to ride
Image of my bicycle while waiting for my friends for our morning rider.
Day 697
#697 My Pier
Another afternoon at the marina, The clouds were pretty good
Day 696
#696 Over the water and into the park
This is the south entrance to one of my local parks. You must cross an inlet in order to get into the park
Day 695
#695 Red
We are entering the Christmas season and red is one of the Christmas colors. I came across this beautiful red flowered bush
Day 694
#694 Mother Natures revenge
#694 Mother Natures revenge This once beautiful sailboat ran aground in the bay. I stayed in the water for several months and then it was removed and...
Day 693
#693 Thanksgiving decoration
One piece of our Thanksgiving decorations. (definitely a streak image, busy day today)
Day 692
#692 Another Coffee Shop
I guess I spend a lot of time in coffee shops.
Day 691
#691 Beuitful Fall Day on the water
It is a beautiful warm Fall day, The people in the boat are enjoying the calm water and the warm sun
Day 690
#690 Joy of reading
This is a statue out side the local library in Oldsmar Fl showing the joy of reading on a summer day outside
Day 689
#689 Yummmm
My evening cup of hot chocolate with a marshmellow cookie type thing.... all good on a cool Fall night
Day 688
#688 More Christmas
This is on the wall next to one of our neighbors doors....Another soul wishing all a merry christmas
Day 687
#687 Down by the water
At Dunedin pier this afternoon. So here are two animals, one is real the other not.
Day 686
#686 Can you guess what these are?
Was at the flea market today. This a close up image of a bunch of fishing poles in B+W
Day 685
#685 Opening to the Bay
#685 Opening to the Bay This is a place where the kayakers put into the bay. Looks different in B+W
Day 684
#684 Main St.
Main street of a small Florida town.
Day 683
#683 Merry Christmas??
#683 Merry Christmas?? Is it a bit early to decorate for the most wonderful holiday in the world? Never!!