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Retired Grandfather trying to improve my photographic skills. I think this site will help do the trick. I enjoy seeing what others have accomplished and Iam enjoying all the beautiful images!
#2 234/365
466 streak
Day 599
#599 Bird
this is a little bird that lives in our kitchen.
Day 598
#598New Flowers
New Flowers in our front yard
Day 597
#597 Soccer in the park
Soccer in the park for little people. This is where it all starts.
Day 596
#596 At the lake
Small lake near a golf course. Beautiful day.
Day 595
#595 Family
We had a family dinner tonight. This is an image of my granddaughter and her boyfriend. She start classes tomorrow for her freshmen year a...
Day 594
#594 What to choose
#594 What to choose Stopped off at a local bookstore. Did a little "street" photography.
Day 593
#593 Jazzy
#593 Jazzy Jazzy is the newest member of our extended family. She was adopted by our granddaughter, Eva. Eva is starting college next Monday and Jazzy...
Day 592
#592 Abe
#592 Abe This is a statue of Abraham Lincoln outside one of the nearby stores. I think it is done well.
Day 591
#591 The Day after returning from vacation
When you play, you pay. After a 700 mile road trip its time to clean out the car. This is the vacuum area o...
Day 590
#590 Travel Day
This is what most of my day looked like. We traveled 10 1/2 hours on our way home from vacation. Great to be back home
Day 589
#589 Frisco, Colorado
Town clock in downtown Frisco, our last day here. Tomorrow is a travel day
Day 588
#588 Rainy Day at Breckenridge
Did not want to take my camera out at all. Rainy day for sure. Couple of benches alone the main street. Thank you I Pho...
Day 587
#587 Guitar Town
Music festival at Copper Mountain, lots of fun, music and RAIN. This was taken before the downpour.
Day 586
#586 Keystone
this is were we were this afternoon. this is an old chairlift they use to let people take a picture sitting on the lift chair to prove t...
Day 585
#585 Sunset over the lake
This is what we saw on the way home tonight. The sky was amazing #theme-sky-slices
Day 584
#584 Wonderful Day in Colorado
#584 Wonderful Day in Colorado My Sweetie while we were on a nice walk this afternoon
Day 583
#583 A brook on my bike ride today
we are in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for about a week or so. I was out on a bike ride and made this image. This i...
Day 582
#582 Taking a break on a bike ride
My Sweetheart taking a break while we are on a bike ride around lake Dillon. This is overlooking on of the marinas...
Day 581
#581 Keystone Bluegrass Festival
Not only music, but there were over 50 micro breweries sampling their special brand of beer.
Day 580
#580 Dillon Colorado
This is a view from the balcony of our condo. We are overlooking one of he marinas on Lake Dillon. We are in for a great week
Day 579
#579 Rocky Mountian Sunset
The sun and sky treated us to a beautiful end to our days travel. We are spending the night in Denver, Co before we travel...
Day 578
#578 Nice Sign
Another day of painting so another streak image. It is a nice thought
Day 577
#577 Remodel, streak pic
My Granddaughter starts college in late August this year. We are fixing up the apartment she will be staying in. So to day wa...
Day 576
#576 Old Elevator
My Granddaughter is going to college this fall. She will be living in an old building close to campus, the building was erected in t...