Year #1 Progress
Day 26
The Bulldog
The Bulldog
Day 25
Puget Sound
Puget Sound
Day 24
Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day
Day 23
Red Orange
Red Orange Tried to make an improvised light table out of glass sheet, two chairs and a softbox placed upside down under the glass. I used an extensio...
Day 22
Pure 23:59 streak photo
Pure 23:59 streak photo Was a rough day, all that snow which was falling the entire last week started melting and we got some mysterious leak along th...
Day 21
Night/Snow/Street Light
Night/Snow/Street Light I wanted to take a picture of snow falling in the light coming from a street light. I was imagining a beautiful scene, but by...
Day 20
Blessed with snow
Blessed with snow It is still #snowpocalypse in Seattle area, which means a lot of nice fresh snow at the surrounding ski areas. The only problem is h...
Day 19
Snow Block Party
Snow Block Party
Day 18
I heard tulips love cold
I heard tulips love cold It is snowing again, schools are closed, lucky people who can work from home stay there. #snowpocalypse in #seattle
Day 17
Mount Rainier Mural
Mount Rainier Mural I took enough photos today, but decided to pick this one since it was the most unique in the set. It is a bit unfair to take a pho...
Day 16
Shadows Could take just a single photo today, had to use my imagination.
Day 15
Strike! (almost)
Strike! (almost) Today is a "Snow Day" in Seattle, when most schools are closed and kids are having fun.
Day 14
Lonely bike
Lonely bike
Day 13
Day 12
Viaduct/Tunnel Party
Viaduct/Tunnel Party Seattleites love parades of different kinds. This particular one was about a major road (iconic waterfront viaduct in downtown) c...
Day 11
Friday Night
Friday Night Was celebrating birthday of my friend in a pub when I cough this candid moment through the window.
Day 10
Color Splash
Color Splash Yellow utility truck parked near modern condo.
Day 9
Traffic sky
Traffic sky Was stuck in a traffic jam and had to take this picture out of the car window.
Day 8
South Lake Union
South Lake Union View at the South Lake Union from the Gas Works Park in Seattle. It was so much easier to take daily photos during travel or weekends...
Day 7
Spheres This is my take on #theme-glass and shows the hard work of window cleaners giving a bath to a rounded shape structure of https://en.wikipedia....
Day 6
Orchid Was stuck at home today so had to retreat to some still life photo. I created an improvised light box out of two video soft boxes (this is why...
Day 5
Light trails at night
Light trails at night #theme-traffic This 365 project challenges me every day in various ways. Today it was choosing the location for this week traffi...
Day 4
Frankfurt Today I am spending my time flying across the pond. I took some good airport theme photos, but decided to pick one which doesn't have any hi...
Day 3
Train Today I was travelling by train and that was pretty much it. I was always fascinated by street photography, and especially by a concept that you...