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E-commerce manager, designer, entrepreneur, wanna-be traveler.
#1 52/365
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Day 52
One of my favourites shots from a short trip to Plaza de las Tres Culturas with my language school.
Day 51
Yesterday was pizza, so today it's time for workout.
Day 50
Pizza time!
Day 49
Uh, that was close. Almost forgot, and had to shot whatever with iPhone.
Day 48
First try of night photography with long exposure, unfortunately with super bad focus.
I had a very chilled sunday and didn't pick up my camera even for a moment. iPhone shot of lips made of chocolate must do the trick.
Day 47
Recently I've been experimenting mainly with a cliché connection of colors tilt&orange. It's fun especially at night, but I started to find myself a l...
Day 46
Did you saw the Alfonso Cuarón's movie "Roma"? Today that neighbourhood looks a little bit different, but still is absolutely charming, especially whi...
Day 45
Pretty convinient weekly theme, I have cool wall decoration in my airbnb and very small amount of time to do something more today ;] #theme-decor
Day 44
I didnt expect rain in Mexico City and I wish I had more time to walk and make more photos.
Day 43
Damn! Those colors! #piniata
Day 42
Street food is one of my favourite things in Mexico. At night it is also a great subject for photos.
Day 41
Today was working day. #streak-photo
Day 40
That was the most dificult selfie ever and took A LOT of time, because of self-timer and constant sense of uncertainty leaving the camera on a tripod...
Day 39
A little walk in my favourite #park. #bokeh #green
Day 38
Today I didn't forgot my memory card, so I could practise with some night shots and actually have them now. Mexico City is fantastic subject and I can...
Day 37
I left home for evening photos, shot some (I think) pretty nice pictures in the park after dark. And after coming back to home I realized that I forgo...
Day 36
Tonight for the first time I tried shoting after dark and I think it might become my new little thing after a few days with b&w. So many new options,...
Day 35
Lazy day in home with netflix, so nothing very special to shot. Just a short walk to the park for quick #strike-photo.
Day 34
Yesterday i got myself into a neighbourhood in which I think I shoundn't be, so I'm kinda glad I didn't took my camera with me. But it was also veeery...
Day 33
Continuation of fun with black & white photos, but this time I'm not very happy with the result.
Day 32
I was moving to the another part of the city today, gonna be fun :-)
Day 31
I don't have any idea for a catchy description, just wanted to participate in #theme-glass with some #modern #architecture.
Day 30
Yet another b&w street photo. China Town in Mexico City is quite a interesting place.