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Mom of 7! Not a pro. Learning and liking the fact that it makes me stop and focus on one life moment each day. Very appreciative of art and the creativity of human beings!
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Day 897
Exit Glacier
Seward, Alaska Hiked to the glacier. Fun day!
Day 896
A Birthday Hike For Kyla
My sister & I and my daughters, on a hike.💕
Day 895
A Piece Of Artwork
We saw in in the parking lot. Fun! It had so many details to explore!
Day 894
Alaska Delicious!
Day 893
Beautiful, still at night. Land of the midnight sun.
Day 892
MyZone Bronze Status
Day 891
Vitamin C From The Garden
I ate some Alaska grown strawberries, off the vine. Oh how I missed those. I’ve got to remember to enjoy every day that we h...
Day 890
Doughnut Night At Small Group
Annual doughnut night with friends at our church small group.
Day 889
Carter Driving The Tractor
Our driveway was full of potholes. Carter was doing some smoothing.
Day 888
We had friends with their kids, stop by.
Day 887
I meant to get an action shot with Blake but was tired, hungry and distracted. So this will have to do. Blake’s team. Blake is the one to t...
Day 886
Cuteness Overload!💕
Silas Q!
Day 885
Getting Instruction
Keevan & his team at basketball camp.
Day 884
Spider Stuff
A spider showed up doing her spider stuff outdoors.
Day 883
6-2-19 Evening
Day 882
Capt. Tabs
Being catty.
Day 881
In The Window
Kitchen window plants.
Day 880
Slow Down
I ended up with a blurry accidental photo, today. That’s what I decided to go with as a reminder to slow down & find that special moment for...
Day 879
Evening 5/29/19
Day 878
That Cloud Show
Evening 5-28-19
Day 877
Bee Thankful
🇺🇸 Remembering those who gave all, today. This is the first honey bee I’ve spotted this spring. I actually got several good photos of her...
Day 876
Good Night Captain Tabs
Almost bedtime for Paul. Captain Tabs is gladly falling asleep.
Day 875
So Much Green
Green is refreshing after a white and brown winter.
Day 874
Observing his world.