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Mom of 7! Not a pro. Learning and liking the fact that it makes me stop and focus on one life moment each day. Very appreciative of art and the creativity of human beings!
#3 247/365
8 streak
Day 973
Smile Theme
Hopefully you had moments that you smiled on Wednesday.
Day 972
Desk Tree
I have a gold tree on my desk at work. I got the Christmas lights put on.🙂
Day 971
Ceiling of my bedroom. A long day.
Day 970
Breathtaking Sunday Sunrise
It was a hard decision. I am afraid you might get tired of this amazing view. I could have shared my nephew’s birthday cak...
Day 969
BrrrrBeautiful Morning
Right at freezing.
Day 968
Such a Morning!
The weather has been amazing, here.
Day 967
Photos From Work That I Made Into a Collage
Putting these together for work today.
Day 966
She Thinks I'm Pretty Special
This cat has is the one who is pretty special, She’s my favorite of all the cats we’ve ever owned. She just seems to act...
Day 965
Roses From Kyla
My beautiful red headed daughter brought me these roses last Friday.💕
Day 964
Bad Swan Photo
Okay....this was one of those moments when I wished for a good camera and a telephoto lens. Instead this is what my phone camera could...
Day 963
First visit to Alaska. Wasn’t married yet. Father-in-law to be, had us hold up hid trophy antlers from his hunt. The finished off antlers still...
Day 962
Grandma's Electric Skillet
This was one of the few things I got of my grandmother’s. She was an amazing cook. I love that I have this skillet and drea...
Day 961
Back from a vacation. Feeling jet lag. There was a 4 hour time difference. And....back to Tookapic after a long break, in honor of a very speci...
Day 960
Smoky Sunset
Our state has quite a few wildfires.😔
Day 959
Corn Hole Game Board
This photo was for at work.
Day 958
Cabi Party Fashion Try On
At a friend’s fashion night party.
Day 957
Keevan Barbecued Salmon For Supper
Yum! Fresh farm tomatoes, potatoes, & onion.😲
Day 956
Post Vein Surgery
Day 955
Windy Market Day
The weather in Alaska has been very abnormal, lately.
Day 954
Philippians 4:8
Day 953
Silas Q
Cuteness Factor
Day 952
Work Photo
Day 951