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Mom of 7! Not a pro. Learning and liking the fact that it makes me stop and focus on one life moment each day. Very appreciative of art and the creativity of human beings!
#3 307/365
2 streak
Day 1,037
Cousin Fun
Grandson, Paul & grandniece, Lizzie, playing on the little chairs.
Day 1,036
Day 1,035
Sun At Center
I had a meeting to attend for work. I got locked out of the building but thankfully someone saw what happened because it was dangerously...
Day 1,034
Frosty Beauty
At least the extreme cold offers lovely photo ops.
Day 1,033
Hagen Daz
I’ve been craving the wrong kinds of foods, lately.
Day 1,032
Stair Stepper Parts
A reminder at work. This photo was to show the equipment mechanic where the parts are in case I happen to be gone when he returns...
Day 1,031
40+ Basketball League
This is at the facility where I work. The official in the photo is my husband.
Day 1,030
Beauty At Bitter Temps
Day 1,029
Cold Weather Sunrise
It’s been below zero.
Day 1,028
Carter's Work
My son, Carter, taking on a new work load with responsibility. This will be good for him.
Day 1,027
Key Tag Scanner
This photo was taken for work. The new member key tags were not scanning. I had to send this photo, among others, to the techs who wer...
Day 1,026
Happy New Year!
My nails with my hat. Just found something to photograph real quick before bed.
Day 1,025
Weight Loss Comparison
After losing 50 lb.s of body fat. My member of the month for work. It’s a fitness club.
Day 1,024
My New Glasses
My eye doctor says I’m wearing my contacts a bit too long each day. So, I got up to date eyeglasses to wear in the evenings.
Day 1,023
Silas With His Snack
My grand son. I love spending time with him & Paul. Today I went over to their house just to play with them for a bit.
Day 1,022
My Glimpse Of The Sun
I’m still sick but I took this through my bedroom window. I hope tomorrow that I can do more.
Day 1,021
Below Zero Beauty
The weather is sooo cold! I’m still sick, so I just stay in bed.
Day 1,020
Sick Day
I’ve got this really nasty stomach flu. All of our family, except my dad, got it. Glad he didn’t.
Day 1,019
Little Turtles 4 Christmas
My niece made these for my son, her cousin. When she was little she had a stuffed turtle like this that was larger that she...
Day 1,018
Helping Great Grandpa Unwrap
My grandson Paul, helping my dad.
Day 1,017
Out Christmas Shopping
Day 1,016
My Aunt Made This
A special gift made for me by my aunt.
Day 1,015
Wrapping To Do
This is for my grand son. It’s on my list for things to get wrapped. I think he’s going to love it!
Day 1,014
Single Digit Beauty