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Mom of 7! Not a pro. Learning and liking the fact that it makes me stop and focus on one life moment each day. Very appreciative of art and the creativity of human beings!
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Day 955
Windy Market Day
The weather in Alaska has been very abnormal, lately.
Day 954
Philippians 4:8
Day 953
Silas Q
Cuteness Factor
Day 952
Work Photo
Day 951
Day 950
Silas Q💕
Day 949
Tabby With The Flowers
Day 948
Still Some Lingering Raspberries
Day 947
Lottie, The Fireweed Munching Pup
She belongs to my grand sons.🙂
Day 946
Clouderific Weather
Day 945
Day 944
Fred and His Gold
Fred is the facility keeper where I work.🙂
Day 943
Silas Q With His Alaska Grown Strawberry
Day 942
This Fridge 😲
Saturday mornings I enjoy a sugar free white chocolate steamer in almond milk from Biscuit Betties’. This is her super fun, fridge!
Day 941
I picked these raspberries for breakfast. I’m gonna miss when raspberry season is over.
Day 940
August Flower Beauty
Day 939
Headed To Market
This was the truck load of veggies that went with Keevan to market.
Day 938
August Member Of The Month
Photo I took for work.
Day 937
Busy Monday Bee
So fun growing mini sunflowers this summer!🙂
Day 936
Day 935
New Boots
Since I’m tall, I have large feet. It’s harder to find shoes and boots to buy. Thankful to find these, and on sale, today! It was nice havin...
Day 934
My Flower Barrel
Day 933
Keevan Fishing
He really loves to fish.