Mom of 7! Not a pro. Learning and liking the fact that it makes me stop and focus on one life moment each day. Very appreciative of art and the creativity of human beings!

Year #3 Progress
Day 783
Day 782
A Photo Of A Photo
Dad, as a boy. I found this photo in a box at his place.
Day 781
This Sugar Free Granola
I have this at work in case I get hungry & can’t wait for a meal.
Day 780
My Little Magnet at Work
I constantly need this reminder. Why? Because I worry about so many things. I bought this at Hobby Lobby while on a trip with...
Day 779
A Break In The Clouds
Today was grey and snowy. Then the temperature went up some and we had this break in the clouds. By nightfall it was back to sno...
Day 778
Dinner Centerpiece
A Hawaiian lei, given to Marlene after a friend returned from Maui. All of us in small group, enjoyed the lovely centerpiece.
Day 777
Christian’s Flowers
One of my colleagues got flowers for Valentine’s Day. The weather is so harsh that she decided to leave them at work so everyone c...
Day 776
Thankful that Lee came through and fixed the bike.
Day 775
Mini Wilson’s Travel Dreams
Mini Wilson wants to travel to this plateau with beautiful hot springs in Iceland.
Day 774
Early Moon Sighting
Just before 5PM. I was surprised to see it up there.
Day 773
Car Selfie-Tired
Looking older all the time. I was tired in the photo. I realized I didn’t have a photo yet so took a quick selfie.
Day 772
From The Wedding
This is a streak pic. I took this pic in my closet before bed. I painted this for Graham and Courtney’s wedding. It was part of the o...
Day 771
Day 770
The Heart
Simple yet filled with complexities in it’s make up.
Day 769
Getting Ready For Valentine Week
Doing some special things at work next week.
Day 768
Creation Declares
....His Glory!
Day 767
Mini Wilson
The man who fixes equipment at the sports center, found this abandoned golf ball. We left it for the owner to retrieve and it stayed in th...
Day 766
Maui Treasure
My little collection, sitting on a dishcloth that I knitted.
Day 765
Snuggled In Grammy’s Arms
Capturing my last Silas snuggles before he had to head back home. I miss him & his brother already. #grandsons
Day 764
Silas Quake
💕 My adorable grand baby.
Day 763
Morning View
#thosemountains 2-2-19
Day 762
Little Official
That’s my son, Blake!😀🏀 His first time!!!
Day 761
Decor For Valentine’s Month
Getting ready to start February at the sports center. I made a bouquet with artificial flowers and added some letters.
Day 760
Upstairs At The Sandwich Shop
I eat salads here instead of sandwiches. They are yummy! I can’t eat the bread while trying to lose weight or keep it of...