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Mom of 7! Not a pro. Learning and liking the fact that it makes me stop and focus on one life moment each day. Very appreciative of art and the creativity of human beings!
#3 112/365
103 streak
Day 842
Evening Cloud Art
There’s always something artistic about this view
Day 841
Aunt Kyla and Silas Quake
My daughter and grand son.
Day 840
Shhhhh, For Kyla’s Birthday!
Found this & bought it for my daughter’s birthday. She loves cats. Gotta save it for a bit yet, though. Her birthday is J...
Day 839
Moose & Teen Moose
Can you see her calf peeking from behind?
Day 838
My video editing work from today.
Day 837
Same Cheese, New Label
This is the cheese from the factory that my dad worked in as a teenager. A delicious cheese!
Day 836
Morning Visitors
I spotted these 2 over the bank before I headed to work. They ended up being the only photo I took.
Day 835
Silas Q with a Shiner
Day 834
A Flower in One of Our Flower Baskets
The flowers are growing.
Day 833
Blake’s Team Talk
Day 832
And The Lake Is Completely Open
A definite sign of spring.
Day 831
Diet Pepsi
I am sure I drink too much of this.
Day 830
A Little Mid-week Alaskan Splendor
Day 829
Blake At The Campfire
Tuesday evening family time.
Day 828
I watched my grand sons today. This was pure bliss with trucks and sand on a beautiful morning in the spring sun.
Day 827
Glorious Evening
Your evening is glorious when you give thanks that evening for your dad’s life. My dad was blue and lifeless in my arms earlier in th...
Day 826
Desk Bunny
I saw this bunny today at the grocery store and he talked me into bringing him to work to hang out on my desk.😃
Day 825
Good Night
Streak pics lately.
Day 824
Water Bottles At The Window
Day 823
Little Purple Flowerd
These will be lovely in my flower bed this summer.
Day 822
Bee Happy 😊
Day 821
Easter Basket
Day 820
A Floral Gift
Flowers from the software lady visiting from Connecticut.
Day 819
Late March Evening Blues