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Mom of 7! Not a pro. Learning and liking the fact that it makes me stop and focus on one life moment each day. Very appreciative of art and the creativity of human beings!
#3 336/365
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Day 1,063
Sea Spray
Again, failed at taking a pic, post-trip. Admitting failure and sharing from the trip.
Day 1,062
Maui Sunset
I have been really tired since returning and have failed to get a photo taken. I’m admitting my mistake and sharing from the trip.
Day 1,061
Goodbye Maui
Final morning on the beach.
Day 1,060
Morning Walk
Day 1,059
Ho'okipa Beach Beauty
Day 1,058
My Little Bird Friend
At the condo we stayed at.
Day 1,057
At 3D Movie at The Aquarium
It rained this day. We watched a 3D show about humpback whales. Super cool!
Day 1,056
Beautiful Art
Art Gallery At Lahaina
Ocean, Sun & Sand!
Day 1,055
First Maui Sunset
We made it!!!!
Day 1,054
Video Taping
These are daughters of a co-worker of mine. Their brother was one of the home coming princes. The one covered her mouth when they announc...
Day 1,053
Happy Member
This guy is always happy to be at the club where I work, to exercise.
Day 1,052
Working Hand
Lee’s hand while fixing exercise equipment.
Day 1,051
At Work
Our facility keeper & my husband.
Day 1,050
Corner of My Real ID
This came in the mail just in time for travel.
Day 1,049
Starting to Pack
Putting things in the suitcase as I think of them.
Maui Ready Toes
Yes, I chose a wild orange!😁
Day 1,048
That Famous Cat she is again!
My grand son
Day 1,047
Daughter-in-law & Grandsons
They were watching husband/dad, officiate a basketball game. My oldest son, Seth.
Day 1,046
My sixth child. 💕
Day 1,045
Archery Tag
Day 1,044
Capt. Tabs in Soda Box
She makes me smile.☺️
Day 1,043
Lee owns a business that fixes exercise equipment. I always look forward to his visits, when equipped breaks down.