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Mom of 7! Not a pro. Learning and liking the fact that it makes me stop and focus on one life moment each day. Very appreciative of art and the creativity of human beings!
#4 38/365
2 streak
Day 1,133
Silas Quake with his cuppie!
Monday night babysitting the grands while their parents are at softball!💕☺️
Day 1,132
Top of the Butte
Hike day! First of 2021, Butte Hike!
Day 1,131
Grands & The Rock Line- up
I was babysitting my grandsons and we made a line of rocks. They seemed to take such joy in finding and lining them up. It’...
Day 1,130
Today I took my niece’s senior photos. She’s a treasure!
Day 1,129
I love pinwheels!
I have a lot of these 4 colors of pinwheels for all of my flower beds.☺️
Day 1,128
Little Shells
Little white shells on Makena Beach, Maui. This beach had a more coarse sand than our daily beach.
Day 1,127
Rough Waters
The morning started with watching the rough waves. Later it poured rain.
Day 1,126
Can you spot it?
Little lizard friend.
Day 1,125
Another beautiful day in Maui.
Day 1,124
Goodbye Sun
After the sun set at Maui.
Day 1,123
Enjoying The Sun
The beach isn’t busy. Maui is a wonderful vacation spot.
Day 1,122
We Did It!
We made it to Maui! Warm & beautiful!
Day 1,121
This was a photo I had to take for work. She was the MyZone Challenge winner for December. She won a massage & she does massages. So, that was...
Day 1,120
My sons are on the same JV team together and they both start. Keevan is number 10 and Blake is 22. Fun watching them play together.
Day 1,119
A candle that I got for Christmas with another Christmas gift in the background.
Day 1,118
Silas & Grammy
Grammy was going to take a photo but Silas wanted her to look out the window!
Day 1,117
Captain Tabs, Let Me Help You With Your Toy!
Silas and Paul, checking out Tab’s fancy cat tree!
Day 1,116
Pedicure Time!
My toes are ready for a trip to Maui!
Day 1,115
Frosty Trees
Frosty trees have such a beauty!
Day 1,114
Carter- 20th Birthday!
My fifth child. He’s officially not a teenager anymore. He got this pistol from his grandparents that had belonged to his Dad w...
Day 1,113
Headed Home
Late evening eating out and then heading home.
Day 1,112
Box Finder
Tabs just loves boxes!
Day 1,111
Popcorn Maker
Popcorn was being sold at the MLK Basketball Tournament. This is at the gym where I work.
Day 1,110
Yep, my birthday.