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Day 102
Falafel Bite
We made another batch of falafels today ^^
Day 101
Caught in a Moment
My secret passion: catching weird cat expressions when they yawn.
Day 100
Pigeon's Nest
A pigeon chose our tree for his new home. We're working on changing his mind - that's why the nest is currently empty. Let's keep finger...
Day 99
I went for a long bike ride today and met these guys on the way. They were extremely calm and interested. :-)
Day 98
Book #11
I've finished "The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer" by Charles Graeber a couple of days ago. It's a really nice entry...
Day 97
Another day in the forest. We've found really awesome trails today. Had a blast.
Day 96
Day 95
So fresh and so clean
Apotheosis of my nemesis: leveling the pictures. I leveled this one to the wall and the lamp behind. It still looks crooked beca...
Day 94
Day 93
Out in the Nature
We've spent a day in the Dresden Heath today. It's a huge forest still within the city limits. When I say huge, I mean really huge....
Day 92
He REALLY likes to eat...
Day 91
Portrait of a Horse
Day 90
Homemade Falafels
First try with the new falafel maker. They are all so small, so crispy, and sooo uniform. Ahh.. Falafel heaven ;-)
Day 89
Veggie Burger
Day 88
Planting the mint
Day 87
His success story
Here's Korek 2.5 years ago: https://tookapic.com/photos/192413 Since then he went on a diet and lost 25% of his previous weight. He...
Day 86
Golden grid
Two years ago I took a similar photo: https://tookapic.com/photos/202057 In the meantime, they built a sister building next door. This tim...
Day 85
Ready for the trip
Trying out knolling again. #theme-fitness
Day 84
Getting ready for holiday
Changing the tires in MTB to run more smoothly on the roads. #theme-fitness
Day 83
On the way to Altstadt
Day 82
Sleeping beauty
Day 81
Hiding from the sun
Day 80
Pad Thai
Only when everything was already sizzling on the wok did I realize that we don't have any limes left.. ;-)
Day 79
Rest day
First time biking with clipless pedals yesterday. Awesome experience, especially while climbing the hills. I've practiced before the trip and...