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Cats, food, random things, and lots of bokeh
#2 162/365
9 streak
Day 527
Always good to take a backup picture in case you don't take anything else.. And I didn't take anything else..
Day 526
After work escape
quick ride on our favourite route
Day 525
Surprising catch, growing on the lawns along the street..
Day 524
The lobby
Day 523
We had the annual team building outing today. As the last exercise, we were building a track for a small golf ball to roll through. It was f...
Day 522
There are moments when he looks exactly like he did when he was a playful two year old cat. There are also moments when he really looks like a 11 year...
Day 521
Day 520
Day 519
Day 518
4. Life Sciences-Forum Sachsen
Director of one of our institutes summarizing the last twenty years and presenting his vision for the future.
Day 517
Preparing for the big event
Day 516
One more friend received her Dr. title yesterday. There is a tradition in Germany, or at least here in Dresden, to prepare a personalized gr...
Day 515
Quick tour in the forest
Day 514
The Princess and the Pea
Day 513
Wanted to read this one for a while now..
Day 512
The setup
And 50 GB of pictures waiting to be developed..
Day 511
Testing setup for tomorrow's big employee photoshoot.
Day 510
After work biking
Day 509
Day 508
Always together
Day 507
Bike porn
Found a great route in the forest today.
Day 506
Day 505
Day 504
Day in bed with a cat, hot tea, and the strangest book I've read so far (Observation on the spot by Lem).