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Michael Gatton

Photo hobbyist. High school biology teacher. Father of twin boys.
#3 265/365
1 streak
Day 995
Day 994
Balmy January
Day 993
Pizza Joint
Up in Harlem
Day 992
Music Hall
In Tarrytown. Dreary day.
Day 991
White Chain
My new commuter e-bike (pedal assist) comes with a white chain. How long will that last?
Day 990
Winter Sunset
By the Hudson
Day 989
Happy New Year! Resolved to take more pictures again. This one picks up where I left off almost a year ago, in Tarrytown with the new Tappan...
Day 988
Tappan Zee
Day 987
Morning on the Hudson
A bit overprocessed by google...
Day 986
New York Road Runners Event
A few days of awesome February weather. Central Park race yesterday, forgot to post anything.
Day 985
Replacement screen for my G15. Hope I have time to install soon....and I hope it works!
Day 984
Hudson on Ice
Day 983
Day 982
It's icummen in
It's icummen in Winter, that is. Deep freeze forecast.
Day 981
IX 514
Day 980
Rolling along
Day 979
Science Building
Columbia. The University that ate Harlem.
Day 978
Power Sky
Quick grab on the highway. Last road trip for a while.
Day 977
Parking Ramp
At the Midtown piers.
Day 976
Shame the warm temperature was accompanied by nonstop rain and wind.
Day 975
Just time for a cellpone pic. New phone. Better camera, though that isn't saying much.
Day 974
Iced Rocks
Day 973
Sous Vide
First foray. Also too cold and windy to go outside. Hope to get back on track tomorrow.
Day 972
On the Road
The slushy snow covered road.