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Year #5 Progress
Day 1,566
First on the list
First on the list I'm opening my and trying first beer. Friday evening is a good opportunity.
Day 1,565
H Keep shooting anything just to improve smartphone photography skills.
Day 1,564
Same view
Same view The same view like a few weeks ago but this time captured by my S9+. I'll try my skills in mobile photography. I don't know for how long but...
Day 1,563
Gold The back wall of a nearby hotel is glowing like gold.
Day 1,562
Cutting up
Cutting up Like every year, few weeks after New Year it's time to remove old Christmas tree.
Day 1,561
View Today's sunset. I was in the right place. It's the view from our bedroom in the village. I took many photos of the same view before.
Day 1,560
Fresh air
Fresh air I had a small hangover after Friday night. Small walk into the forest was really helpful.
Day 1,559
Coco A quick visit to Emily's parents and same quick streak pic. It's almost tradition.
Day 1,558
Own business
Own business Much better today. I had a quite a busy and productive day. One beer after that will be enough.
Day 1,557
The doors
The doors Being sick after the trip. An almost whole day wasted in the bed.
Day 1,556
Coming back
Coming back After spending 48 hours in London it's time to fly back home.
Day 1,555
Double decker
Double decker London again. Now just for two days. I'm helping for my friend to move to new place.
Day 1,554
Degustation Today we were on the degustation of the new menu for this year. It's almost five months to our wedding.
Day 1,553
Norway Photo was taken just before leaving. It was a very productive two days in this awesome place. I wish to back there someday.
Day 1,552
It's the last our day in the really nice place at the lake. It was my third part of work and travel session.
Day 1,551
Day 1,550
Work'n'travel part III
Day 1,549
Day 1,548
Day 1,547
Fine cigar
At home.
Day 1,546
Day 1,545
Luna Park