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Michał Kulesza

Graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker. All full of passion. Living in Bialystok, Poland. Owner of Kul Studio. Mail me at maikel.kulesza@gmail.com
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Day 1,671
In the morning
It was another busy day, full of typical works around the house in the village.
Day 1,670
Just beer
After this week all I wanted was just a few beers.
Day 1,669
Back seat
Another tough day.
Day 1,668
My second nephew. It was the small birthday dinner of my older nephew. It was a good evening after a very busy day.
Day 1,667
Just for streak.
Day 1,666
Home office
Working at home today and I think, I will work like this till the end of this week. Here's a simple photo from the morning. Me as simple m...
Day 1,665
Good bye long weekend!
A glimpse for the last sunset of the current long weekend.
Day 1,664
After almost five days it's time to leave and go back home. We didn't have free time, because we had so much work to do (and some of them are...
Day 1,663
Another day full of work. It was a good view after a successful day.
Day 1,662
Birthday party
It was a birthday party of my Emily's nephew. Good day, quite calmer than recently.
Day 1,661
Spent almost all day working around the house. We had to lay down curbs to make some place for plant thujas. The weather for work was good des...
Day 1,660
We came to help with some works. We have still so much to do before our wedding.
Day 1,659
Back to normal everyday life.
Day 1,658
The last evening couldn't end without a hangover. In these situations, I'm always saying "never again".
Day 1,657
No memory
Day 1,656
Bachelor party
It's time to party right now. Here's a quick photo before @idered last weekend :)
Day 1,655
From hideout
Like I said some times before - I'm working on a 42-inch monitor and I can't see who is sitting in front of me. It's weird especially whe...
Day 1,654
At least!
I just have seen this. I can only tell it's so awesome.. so damn awesome that I'm going to watch this tomorrow again. I already have a ticke...
Day 1,653
Replacement car
I've got the replacement car for a time when my own car will be repaired. This is Hyundai Tucson and one thing I can tell about this I...
Today was the third birthday of my second nephew. Instead of recent days, this one was good for us.
Day 1,652
On the walk
There he is. My "soon" father in law in his city.
Day 1,651
It happens
To make matters worse I had yesterday a small collision. It was not my fault. I drove straight ahead and suddenly another driver was leavin...
Day 1,650
Alone in the office
Bad day.. no words can explain how I felt today.
Day 1,649
I went with all company members for a short walk to the near park. We ate some ice creams and waffles. One hour break with everyone, talking abo...