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Michał Kulesza

Graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker. All full of passion. Living in Bialystok, Poland. Owner of Kul Studio. Mail me at maikel.kulesza@gmail.com
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Day 1,627
Sun again
After https://tookapic.com/photos/723491 last weird day, spring came back. That day I also worked at home but I still enjoyed this weather a...
Day 1,626
Damn, what the weather! I already missed the snow. I was worried that spring has come too early.
Day 1,625
Give me inspiration
Working on a very serious project...
Day 1,624
Tired man
This is how I look after a tough weekend.
Day 1,623
Surprisingly after a few beers, I had a small hangover.
Day 1,622
One of my favorite "low-budget" beer.
Day 1,621
Blurry man
Just another busy man at our office.
Day 1,620
Light bulb
This is the fancy light bulb captured just before the lunch :)
Day 1,619
Our main view. I don't remember how many photos I took for this church :)
Day 1,618
No idea for the photo this day so here's some bottles of alcohol.
Day 1,617
I had some things to do and late Sunday evening was perfect to do this.
Day 1,616
Something sweet
Some kind of homemade dessert by my fiancee :)
Day 1,615
We're cooking something delicious from my favorite vegetable :)
Day 1,614
Is it spring?
The weather was quite different than recently. Also, there was the first rainbow in this year but I have a view for the sunset direction...
Day 1,613
Golden cards
My golden cards have finally arrived from Aliexpress. Like for $3 the quality is quite good. I can't wait to play with them on some kind...
Day 1,612
Searching for inspirations for current logo concept design.
Day 1,611
I'm trying to run my old smartwatch. I'm almost cured so this watch may be useful when I'll start walking to the office again.
Day 1,610
Back to business
I hope that I cured my pneumonia. It was almost two weeks since I stopped working. Now I feel that I have a huge backlog.
Day 1,609
Red like a brick
We have new fancy light bulbs above our brick wall. I was playing with different color settings and this one reminds me cool polish s...
Day 1,608
Women's day
This day I could celebrate with only one woman because of my disease.
Day 1,607
One of my unconventional medicine. Liquid minerals to give me more energy.
Day 1,606
This is the X-ray of my lungs. I was quite surprised when I came to receive my photo. I was wondering where's the negative. There are an only cd...
Day 1,605
Currently, I have one book worth reading. When I feel better I'm trying to read a few pages.
Day 1,604
No idea
It's another day spent in bed. I have no idea what I should photograph. Also, I feel really bad about this time wasting while being sick.