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Year #5 Progress
Day 1,589
Waiting for spring
Waiting for spring I miss the summer when the exact view looked like this one -
Day 1,588
Walking My Saturday walk was 8 km's long. I have to take many walks like this before I start running. For now, this is enough.
Day 1,587
Day 1,586
Cans A small gift from my sick fiancee. It's the third day since she's got a fever. We have to compensate that day to ourselves.
Day 1,585
Night Another day I was working almost till midnight.
Day 1,584
Working late
Working late When I have completely no idea for a photo, I will take a picture of my laptop's screen.
Day 1,583
Stickers Now we have everything to start inviting our guests.
Day 1,582
Huel My recent diet food.
Day 1,581
Sushi Our small dinner just before the party.
Day 1,580
Blinds I had some small housework to do. I had to hang new blinds on our windows.
Day 1,579
Netflix I'm trying to find something new and interesting series.
Day 1,578
Adapter Finally got this damn expensive small adapter. Now I can connect to the external display. Hell yeah... 💰
Day 1,577
Buritto Just another type of stormtrooper.
Day 1,576
Measuring budget
Measuring budget A one-minute streak photo idea. Recently I'm quite busy because I'm designing my wedding invitations.
Day 1,575
Sticker Something new my notebook's case.
Day 1,574
Old PC
Old PC I was spending Saturday alone at home. Just drinking some beers and playing good old games on my PC.
Day 1,573
Meeting In the Jungle, the mighty jungle..
Day 1,572
Church Quick streak pic after another walk after work.
Day 1,571
Walking I was working at home that day but anyway I took a 1-hour break and go for a short walk.
Day 1,570
Tuesday morning
Tuesday morning Just another day before the walk to the office.
Day 1,569
Morning walk
Morning walk I started to walk every day to the office. It's almost 6 kilometers on foot in both directions so it's quite small training. It's a good...
Day 1,568
A long walk
A long walk Today we took a 12,5 kilometers long walk. It was a quite challenge to walk through roads not cleared of snow. Anyway, it was great 2,5-ho...
Day 1,567
Saturday walk
Saturday walk I had to quit my personal challenge to take photos by my smartphone. It has to wide angle for me and I have to crop photos too much. Als...
Day 1,566
First on the list
First on the list I'm opening my and trying first beer. Friday evening is a good opportunity.