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Michał Kulesza

Graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker. All full of passion. Living in Bialystok, Poland. Owner of Kul Studio. Mail me at
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Day 1,697
So hot!
Our second place to swim and sunbathe. Place quite difficult to reach because you have to drive trough tight mountains roads. Also it was the...
Day 1,696
Now we start to visit every near placed, beautiful beaches. At first we've visited Rodadero Beach near Santa Marta.
Day 1,695
Typical view in another place where we've stayed for one night.
Day 1,694
The view
It's our last day in Cartagena. Awesome place. Totally different than typical Colombian city. Quick panoramic shot before leaving.
Day 1,693
The right color
Finally, we spent a day at one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. We've swum by boat to an archipelago of small isles. Almost e...
Day 1,692
Old city
It was a very long walk in around 36° hot day (apparent was almost 40° I guess). Really awesome views, good tastes of ice creams, coffee and...
Day 1,691
Not bad
This is our view for the next few days. We visited Cartagena to see another perspective of Colombia. Let's say this "more developed". Our firs...
Day 1,690
Street food
For now, it's the best place where we've eaten local specials.
Day 1,689
The first thing I can say is that's extremely hot here. We've arrived yesterday at 9 pm. so the temperature was.. let's say bearable, only 26°. N...
Day 1,688
Our first of two connection to Barranquilla. I really like this airport. So many signs and information makes getting lost truly impossible.
Day 1,687
First stop
We arrived at our first stop in Warsaw. We won't have so many time to sleep before our first flight. Anyway, I'm happy that we 've started...
Day 1,686
Packed up!
We're almost ready to go :)
Day 1,685
Just one of a few photos I took this day from my smartphone. What a shame... It was a wedding party one of my closest friends. I have onl...
Day 1,684
Small, single jam session at our office. Also I missed my streak cause of "busy weekend". Awww, here we go again :P
Day 1,683
Olive tree
It's just a small tree that we have in our office :)
Day 1,682
Another busy evening. We have only few days to our trip.
Day 1,681
We're slowly getting ready to organize our things to pack up for our honeymoon. At last!
Day 1,680
Brick wall
I'm building a brick wall like I was two years ago - Not in my own apartment but in my sister's. She wa...
Sunday evening spent with an amazing remake of one of my favorite PSX games.
Day 1,679
A nice view from my sister's apartmeny.
Day 1,678
Watching Netflix
Nothing special happened today except one. I was in the dentist. For me, it's a very serious thing (I'm insensitive for anesthetic sh...
Day 1,677
Starting over
It's been a while since I was last time here. As you can see some serious thing changed in my life. I got married over a month ago. Now...
Day 1,676
Day before
This how we live today. It's my weekend.
Day 1,675
Just a minimal shot of a new speaker.