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Michał Kulesza

Graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker. All full of passion. Living in Bialystok, Poland. Owner of Kul Studio. Mail me at
#5 237/365
1 streak
Day 1,651
It happens
To make matters worse I had yesterday a small collision. It was not my fault. I drove straight ahead and suddenly another driver was leavin...
Day 1,650
Alone in the office
Bad day.. no words can explain how I felt today.
Day 1,649
I went with all company members for a short walk to the near park. We ate some ice creams and waffles. One hour break with everyone, talking abo...
Day 1,648
Yellow tulips
Small spring accent in our office. When I saw this, immediately a polish song came up to my mind.
Day 1,647
Home office
Almost all day spent on working. Here's some kind of streak macro pic.
Day 1,646
Work in progress
It's a good reason to have a break in the office.
Day 1,645
Spring is here
I feel it. The spring has finally arrived. This was the first serious bicycle trip. This time I made 56 kilometers. Quite satisfying fo...
Day 1,644
This is how I spent almost all Saturday. I had to plow all ground at our plot. It was exhausting work. It's all because we have to spread a...
Day 1,643
Cook master
This is who is sitting behind my 42-inch monitor.
Day 1,642
Home office
It was a very busy day. I spent almost all day working at home till late night. Anyway, it was a very productive day.
Day 1,641
I grabbed the nearest object and took a photo with it. Let's say it's just another streak pic.
Day 1,640
Can't wait to see this tree blossoming.
Day 1,639
It was my second trip on my new bicycle. This time I made 30 kilometers. Trying to reach 50 someday and even 100 after a few months.
Day 1,638
Need this
As usual, the day after, life is harder. I need a beer, maybe two or even four.
Day 1,637
Saturday night
This was the last party at our place. We're gathering our friends to give invitations to our wedding. Tough night. I'm happy that it wa...
Day 1,636
First trip
It was my first short trip (only 12,5 kilometers long) on a new bicycle. My first feeling is very optimistic. Finally, I have the right bic...
Day 1,635
Vitamin shot
This is the master in action.
Day 1,634
Me and @idered are trying to hit from Nerf guns right to the center of this piece of paper. This is my target above Kasper's head. Kasper has h...
Day 1,633
One of our friend from the team had a birthday so as usual, we made her a surprise.
Day 1,632
Another logo design project.
Day 1,631
Finally, I had a nice opportunity to shot a portrait for my fiancee.
Day 1,630
It was our another visitation to invite family to our wedding. This time I took my camera and captured something... let's say... better than rec...
Day 1,629
My favorite football player.
Day 1,628
Quick streak selfie in the mirror. It always works.