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Michał Kulesza

Graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker. All full of passion. Living in Bialystok, Poland. Owner of Kul Studio. Mail me at
#5 237/365
1 streak
Day 1,603
Much worse
Sunday was really bad for me. On Monday I have to go to the doctor to find out what's going on.
Day 1,602
Saturday night
Just like this. After another round of wedding invitation, we had a small dinner. Sunday will be even busier.
Day 1,601
Current status
Still having a small fever but I'm functioning pretty well.
Day 1,600
Driving home
Things get serious now. If I'm sick or not we have to keep inviting our guests for our wedding. Here's the pic from my smartphone from th...
Day 1,599
Sick leave
I had to take a sick leave today, Feeling just like this.
Day 1,598
This evening
It looks like the next day I should spend in the bed.
Day 1,597
My turn
Feeling weird this evening. I hope it's nothing serious..
Day 1,596
I have a small LED stripe and I don't know how can I use it in my photo project. Anyway, it's only a test to know how I can bend it. I'm trying...
Day 1,595
I beat a new record today. A 13 kilometers long walk in two hours.
Day 1,594
We had a small party at our office
Day 1,593
Streak evening
It's my free day. I'm not worried about anything today.
Day 1,592
Another evening spent on cutting wedding invitations.
Day 1,591
My fiancee is still sick. It's 7th day since she has a fever. Fortunately, she feels better but we still have tough days.
Day 1,590
Finally, we have sun rays in our apartment.
Day 1,589
Waiting for spring
I miss the summer when the exact view looked like this one -
Day 1,588
My Saturday walk was 8 km's long. I have to take many walks like this before I start running. For now, this is enough.
Day 1,587
Day 1,586
A small gift from my sick fiancee. It's the third day since she's got a fever. We have to compensate that day to ourselves.
Day 1,585
Another day I was working almost till midnight.
Day 1,584
Working late
When I have completely no idea for a photo, I will take a picture of my laptop's screen.
Day 1,583
Now we have everything to start inviting our guests.
Day 1,582
My recent diet food.
Day 1,581
Our small dinner just before the party.
Day 1,580
I had some small housework to do. I had to hang new blinds on our windows.