Year #3 Progress
Day 781
White-breasted Nuthatch in my beloved cherry tree in the front yard.
Day 780
Dark dreary day today, decided to break right before sun down.
Day 779
Paid a visit to Sandy Hook to see if I could view the resident seal population. I was not disappointed.
Day 778
Made several attempts at new locations but hunters deterred my photo walks. Had to settle today.
Day 777
Grateful for some alone time right after work, just messing around with long exposure.
Day 776
Day 775
Quick shot, trying to make use of what little light was left for today.
Day 774
Snowy/icy, nasty day. I wish I had stayed home and snoozed like my daughter is doing here.
Day 773
Jason, one of my in-laws new cats.
Day 772
Passing through a different part of the city where our hockey team plays. Unfortunately there are a lot of not so savory parts but the city is fightin...
Day 771
Fatality in the forest.
Day 770
I had to head towards the shore to pay some respects, visited a new spot called Manasquan Reservoir.
Day 769
Indoor clouds at the chemistry building.
Day 768
Tried a new ramen place for lunch with my co-workers, it was quite good.
Day 767
Sunrise on my way to drop off my daughter before work.
Day 766
I think architecture photos might a crutch this project. Especially when I know I will be busy later in the day as will be the case all this week.
Day 765
"Warm" today considering the recent cold we have had. Hung around home and worked on various chores and walked around the woods behind the house looki...
Day 764
I was taking out the trash and I lucked into a group of 5 Bald Eagles flying over the Wildlife Center. None of my group shots made me happy so I went...
Day 763
Definitely didn't work out like I pictured, all I got for today.
Day 762
Witherspoon Hall in the background and a bit of Blair Hall in the foreground.
Day 761
My backup model, Tobias.
Day 760
One of those days. Of course I had two solid photos yesterday, just the nature of a 365.
Day 759
Juvenile Bald Eagle enjoying a fish at the lake near work. There has been a recent eruption of these large raptors in my area.
Day 758
Sleepy Saw-whet owl. Bittersweet birding day, don't like seeing "birders" behaving bad to get a shot by going off trail to get the cleanest shot they...