Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Always wanted to finish 365. Switched from tons of equipment to compact camera and finally made it.
#3 71/365
7 streak
Day 801
The moment when you check the weekly theme and you realize that you have perfect example of dark cloud outside the window 😉 #theme-dark #balcony...
Day 800
It's amazing how will of life is strong sometimes even in such forms as flowers. Path is still a good place to survive, even if the surrounding...
Day 799
I had hope that I'll collect decent amount of mushrooms with my dad. But there only were few and not odd the kind you can dry for Christmas soup...
Day 798
Maybe it's a bit strange, but somehow I ride bike more often now than in the summer. And I like those early, dark evenings with empty paths at t...
Day 797
When you like your team and you were in duty free day before 😊
Day 796
I love flying ❤
Day 795
When you're asked to change one letter from your name to something you like ;)
Day 794
I like buying things for my nephew =)
Day 793
When your friend says she'd rather stay overnight then going back by night but she didn't have a toothbrush and you got a spare one 😋
Day 792
I hate washing dishes. It's better to take photos of bubbles ;-) #theme-dots #abstract
Day 791
I have no idea why there were balloons in this parking lot, but they made nice contrast to this concrete and steel.
Day 790
I wanted to post the view from this bridge not the bridge itself, but it revealed that it's better. I still miss my camera... 😭
Day 789
Yet another balcony sunset.
Day 788
Just a streak theme-related pic. #theme-dots
Day 787
Please service, give me back my compact camera, I can't take decent photos with my pro-DSLR anymore...
Day 786
Last day of summer holidays. I've managed to put off all "urgent" things and went to the beach for the sunset. It was really a last chance, the...
Day 785
When the sun goes down on the left from this skyscraper it means that Autumn is just behind the corner. Just one and the half month earlier it w...
Day 784
Another day missing my camera. It seems that DSLR is not so convenient for selfies and phone... phone is as you can see here. Far behind desired...
Day 783
It's third day and I miss my compact camera so much... Phone is not the same :( #theme-row #guitar-strings
Day 782
This is rather short one. Like only 4 staircases, when the longest one have 16. #theme-row #flats #block #sky
Day 781
First self made panna cota. It was quite nice. I didn't expect it's so easy to make...
Day 780
So... it happened, I have to send my camera for repair. It felt in the sand and closing lid is not working. I wanted to make some service after...
Day 779
I've finally made it! I wanted to take such picture since.. 8 years? 10?.. And yes, I'm living for my whole life like 40km from that place. It w...
Day 778
When you want to take a photo of heather and you got a bee extra ;-)