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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Be welcomed into my world =)
#4 75/365
8 streak
Day 1,170
I was pretty sure recently that warm afternoons on the balcony are over and it won't stop raining and be cold till next Spring. But somehow ever...
Day 1,169
Just a theme related pic from a short evening walk. I should have taken my Canon with helios lenses to have nicer effect, but compact camera was...
Day 1,168
Streak pic of my bag prepared for classes.
Day 1,167
So... this is summary of my day in general. I don't know how it works, but sometimes everything is hard to handle and breaks in your hands witho...
Day 1,166
Finally I've given up with my old hand blender and bought new food processor. #theme-out-of-focus
Day 1,165
When I've checked today's theme I knew what I'll do in the evening :) I'll have to find out some different set up to get the best from helios bo...
Day 1,164
Just a streak. I've realized later on, that exactly a year ago, I've made a pic also in the very same garage:
Day 1,163
It's good to realize sometimes that I have not so far to be at the open sea. We had hope for a beautiful sunset, as the sky was awesome an hour...
Day 1,162
Another day, another mug/glass ;-) I've bought this one with daily groceries. My friend from work had the same, and I was envy about it for a lo...
Day 1,161
Just a quick shot in the elevator. Not so much inspiration today, even it was quite a good day :)
Day 1,160
When you start with white and red wine at the dinner and both end up with the rose one but you're to lazy to change your glasses and to make a p...
Day 1,159
It's pizza time!
Day 1,158
When it's almost 10PM, you're at IKEA and realize that you have no pictures for 365. You turn left and notice a poster, which says "because you...
Day 1,157
We went for about 2-3 hour walk, I took plenty of pictures, one better than another and finally ended with quite average shot, turned into B&W d...
Day 1,156
I take so few family photos. I have no idea why it's easier to take pics of random people than of my own relatives which are so important for me...
Day 1,155
It's always like that - you have no idea for a dinner, you take out some random stuff and it ends up with an awesome meal. And somehow it's neve...
Day 1,154
I've recently got a challenge from my friend to buy myself something soft and pink. You know - something like "be a woman sometimes". I know tha...
Day 1,153
Streak computer mouse. A bit dizzy as the whole workday...
Day 1,152
Someone is doing his exercises and another one is having fun taking photos ;-)
Day 1,151
Catching a storm at the sunset. #theme-weather
Day 1,150
It was nice Sunday =) I like being at the seashore so much!
Day 1,149
Mostly lazy Saturday with a walk into the woods. Somehow I like small details.
Day 1,148
It's Friday - it means that I'm tired and have no power left after the work week ;-) I was at my parent's place and stole two "Kasztanki" which...
Day 1,147
It was rainy day and I needed to pick up a parcel at nearby point. I've made about 40 pictures in my park and this was the only sharp one. The l...