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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Always wanted to finish 365. Switched from tons of equipment to compact camera and finally made it.
#3 12/365
2 streak
Day 742
Day 741
Yes, I'm living at the seashore for whole my life. No, I'm not going on the beach often. This time I had a little deal with my friend and he too...
Day 740
Something like "there is enough candles in your home" is not existing in my vocabulary ;-) I fact I don't burn them often. I just feel more comf...
Day 739
Somehow the battle for birthday's cupcakes has been started in my team. All the best, Marcin! :)
Day 738
It was 5 years ago when I've got keys to my own flat. It's amazing how the time flies. This was really intensive time in my life, many things ch...
Day 737
I've visited my trees. This is my "younger child", but like taking photo of this scene, especially when sky is so gorgeous =)
Day 736
It's a very poor internet connection here and I have only online version on LR on this computer so uploading and editing takes ages, But I'm at...
Day 735
Sunset trough my mum's decorations. Finally this week ended and I could went out of the city.
Day 734
I can't remember how long I wasn't here. It was nice to see Old Town again.
Day 733
Streak balcony view. It's nice to have this sky around ;-)
Day 732
It was rainy day. This is one of those pics which I'm taking "in case I'll forgot to take later on something less streak" ;-)
Day 731
Ok, so I'm still here. Starting 3rd year of tookapic. I'll check how this mobile setup works for me. I hope it will be easier when I'll lower qu...
Marta finished 365 project #2!
Day 730
#730 [365]
This moment when you almost missed finishing 365 :D If I realized this earlier I could catch some sun. I've enclosed first year in analogic...
Day 729
#729 [364]
Got new haircut. I love having curly hair, but it requires quite a lot of work to achieve. I would never understand how one having curly ha...
Day 728
#728 [363]
A film box from 1952. Unfortunately without film in it. I did some analogue photography and still have a box full of negatives in my fridge...
Day 727
#727 [362]
Treasures from my grandpa collection, finally, after 25 years from his death, found a new home. It's a strange feeling to simply "get rid o...
Day 726
#726 [361]
Streak iron :)
Day 725
#725 [360]
When you go to the cellar to find some wood for support and you find your grandpa schema from 30? 40? 50? years ago.
Day 724
#724 [359]
I see you :>
Day 723
#723 [358]
The moment when your photographic spirit wakes up during renovation ;-)
Day 722
#722 [357]
Day 721
#721 [356]
Day 720
#720 [355]
Great day, my brother's second child was born. A bit earlier than he should, but hopefully everything will be ok.
Day 719
#719 [354]