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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Welcome to my world =)
#4 141/365
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Day 1,236
So... today is 24th of November. My birthday is on 9th of December. And this is my present from my best friends. Those girls should be the best...
Day 1,235
The box of this mug was printed in such motives. I've cut those which were complete and put one on my note bo...
Day 1,234
It was quite a surprise to see treble clef on those stairs in the middle of block district. But it was a nice feeling :)
Day 1,233
It was a windy day. Just a short walk through a Beka Reserve. And I have no idea why sometimes I have an urge to develop photos in strange way,...
Day 1,232
For a short moment I had a feeling that I'm living in the mountains...
Day 1,231
I don't like this time of the year when sun sets more and more on the south and it's getting dark at 3PM. Instead of being happy with each day I...
Day 1,230
Sometimes you need to write with pen on the paper.
Day 1,229
I was wearing those for a year till today. I don't know why but my wrist become itchy. The small one is made by myself from a threads bought dur...
Day 1,228
I've managed to process another set of overdue photos - this time Canada from 2017. But I needed a bit of booster ;-) I have a little plan to se...
Day 1,227
It's just a mug from a supermarket, but I like it somehow. I bought two - for me and my vocal teacher more less in the time when I've made quite...
Day 1,226
Autumn vibes.
Day 1,225
Streak reflection in the kitchen window #theme-reflections
Day 1,224
It's nice to get flowers from time to time =)
Day 1,223
What one can cook for the most Polish day in Poland? Of course that pierogi! :)
Day 1,222
Prepared for Independence Day. I inherited this flag from my grandparents. #theme-reflections
Day 1,221
This moment, when you find in the regular supermarket a mug seen before at the workshop with the sentence that become somehow symbolic among us...
Day 1,220
Since I almost broke my junction in the ankle 3 years ago sport was not my main interest. I couldn't do much things I've done before, I had to q...
Day 1,219
In "normal" life I didn't eat out much. But now, during pandemic and overall lockdown we decided to support restaurants and at least once a week...
Day 1,218
Got new socks =) I'm fully convinced that my piano skills just got better because of them :D
Day 1,217
My classes went online again. And I think I missed the moment when Logitech changed it's logo ;-) I know it's like that for some time, but I can...
Day 1,216
Morning moon view.
Day 1,215
Just a streak pic of my notebook. #theme-letters
Day 1,214
Another day of protests. And our government just right now, in this hard situation is buying 300 new cars for themselves - and what's more "funn...
Day 1,213
This moment when you have an empty pier in Orlowo on Sunday evening for a while, just with your friend as staffage.