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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Always wanted to finish 365. Switched from tons of equipment to compact camera and finally made it.
#3 193/365
7 streak
Day 923
A marble small case that I brought from Italy for my grandma. After she died it came back to me... #theme-tidy
Day 922
streak kitchen utensils
Day 921
I've made similar photo recently. But today was the special day to picture it again - an office building nearby memorized late president of Gdań...
Day 920
Just a tomato on the induction hob & the light from the cooker hood. #theme-tidy
Day 919
I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep well later on... I don't know if taking pics in your dressing-gown in the middle of the...
Day 918
New year - new me ;-) I wonder how much display with full sRGB coverage (99% of Adobe) and calibration will affect my photos. Right now I have n...
Day 917
When it's 11PM and you have no idea for photo it could be that some angel will come down to save you... ;-)
Day 916
Yet another bookmark ;-) I've bought it in Nepal, from the - it's really great :)
Day 915
Table cloth that I've taken from my grandma. I love this colors and the pattern but I have neither the table on which I can use it, nor it compl...
Day 914
Last view over the mountains before going back home...
Day 913
Winter minimalism on the Morskie Oko lake. #minimailst #bw #winter
Day 912
Morskie Oko - one of the shelters in Tatra Mountains. There was very nice winter those days :)
Day 911
Mnich - I love this mountain.
Day 910
streak pic
Day 909
Long time no use... I've missed by climbing equipment. Tomorrow I'm going to the mountains, and probably will just carry it round, but maybe it...
Day 908
New year - new possibilities. My life with 99% of AdobeRGB and 100% of sRGB will be better for sure ;-) #theme-bright-colors
Day 907
I had problems last years with having WOŚP stickers. It was always to late and nobody have them, or I've made a bank transfer or anything else....
Day 906
Some colorful lights outside my office window. #theme-bright-colors
Day 905
Just a short photo shot of shoes that I want to sell.
Day 904
I beat my laziness and took out my m42 lenses. It was short session but I almost managed to get advantage of it's bokeh effect ;-) And this deco...
Day 903
Second of "my trees". The newer one. If only the weather is photogenic I stop here on my way and take some pics. I like this view.
Day 902
"My" tree. This time captured a bit closer than usual. I have so many pics of it that it really should be collected and made in one timelapse ov...
Day 901
Just a streak Christmas tree decoration. #theme-jingle-bells
Day 900
Maybe it's not so representative photo from the Christmas Eve but somehow I like the light here. And this year I was "at work" as a Santa, so I...