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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Always wanted to finish 365. Switched from tons of equipment to compact camera and finally made it.
#3 362/365
108 streak
Day 1,092
I've got small spider plant from my mum like 2 years ago. Now it's a big plant and it's producing a lot of small ones which I regularly give awa...
Day 1,091
Yet another todo list... when on the old is crossed out enough I just rewrite not done things on another paper, but I have a feeling that some t...
Day 1,090
I like cooking. And the best things come up when you spontaneously look into the fridge and take out some random stuff. #theme-green
Day 1,089
I am usually very rational and don't do all this compulsive shopping. But recently I was seeking for a present for my mum and saw this rock hear...
Day 1,088
New flowers are growing! =) PS. I've sent a pic of this scene from a phone to my friend and she wrote me back: "your photos have a nice composit...
Day 1,087
Today is election of new president in Poland. At least I hope it will be new ;-) There is not so nice time recently in my country. Some strange...
Day 1,086
Saturday is the day when it's easiest for me to go shopping in local shops. Usually I don't come back home before it's closing time after work....
Day 1,085
My younger nephew is one year old :) And got a set of Duplo from me in a box shaped as Duplo block (honestly, it's amazing feeling when you can...
Day 1,084
Life shouldn't be planned sometimes. We should listen to ourselves and do things that we feel they should be done, even sometimes our mind tells...
Day 1,083
Just a streak pic for #theme-coffee :)
Day 1,082
Machine sewing is the one of the most stressful things from "household activities". Today was not so bad, only one broken needle ;-) It's funny,...
Day 1,081
I don't sleep well recently, so this #theme-coffee is perfect for me, as coffee is my daily routine. Double strong espresso with milk and I can...
Day 1,080
It's funny how I love singing and playing and music in overall and on the other hand how hard is the way to making in a really good way. It was...
Day 1,079
I'm used to that all bad weather comes from the west and I can see it coming in advance. Today it was totally opposite. I was sitting on my balc...
Day 1,078
Did I wrote yesterday something that I'm happy that I have my camera back? Ech... so.. it's just packed again to be shipped to the service. The...
Day 1,077
My sony rx100 came back to me finally. They exchanged two parts of the lenses with all shutter and stabilization. I wonder how much more this li...
Day 1,076
I've found this feather on my balcony today. I want to throw it away but I decided to take some photos of it. I think it could be a nice motive...
Day 1,075
The one quite rare moments when I've got my nails done ;-) As I play guitar and any nail polish, even hybrid one, isn't able to resist the strin...
Day 1,074
Monday. This could be all that should written about that day and it will mean everything. At work "there is a problem with your system". Outside...
Day 1,073
I usually don't like to involve in politics. More less I know what's happening, I've always voted, but this daily political crap is not what I n...
Day 1,072
A breakfast. Strawberry cocktail and home made banana-apple-nuts muffin =) #theme-morning
Day 1,071
Almost forget about 365 this day - the first time during this lock down. My friend visited me and we talked a lot, and even she's also keen on p...
Day 1,070
It's a funny feeling to get up in the morning to the stolen world outside ;-) Sometimes the fog is so strong that I even don't see the trees dow...
Day 1,069
It's my good friend - the one of those which whom I went to Nepal last year. It's always a bit strange when I see her in make up after all those...