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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Always wanted to finish 365. Switched from tons of equipment to compact camera and finally made it.
#3 271/365
17 streak
Day 1,001
So... it is :) My 1001st photo which is 1000th in fact. It's nice to be here for so long :) I hope that I'll make it much longer. See you tomorr...
Day 1,000
Tookapic says it's my 1000th photo. But it's 999. I lost one of my days here recently. But I'll make this 1000th photo tomorrow, so.. just whate...
Day 999
Streak home studio shot. My sony rx is displaying some stabilizer error and fortunately I sit at home and can use my 5d. But it's amazing how mu...
Day 998
I went outside after 2 weeks. It was strange. In fact I did it mainly only to make supplies for next 2-3 weeks of self-quarantine. But you know...
Day 997
Quarantine is over and my colleague went back home so I have to deal somehow without a model... ;-)
Day 996
Last day of quarantine sessions. I'll miss that opportunity to practice portrait photography...
Day 995
Quarantine sessions again. I won this game being stuck here with my colleague :)
Day 994
Another day of quarantine sessions :) This time on the white side.
Day 993
Quarantine day 12th. Yes, it took me 12 days to be at the point when I've set up my home studio. Don't believe when people says that quarantine...
Day 992
Quarantine day 11th. #theme-creepy
Day 991
Quarantine day 10th.
Day 990
Yet another day at home.
Day 989
Today we've started second week of quarantine. I'm still ok and still have tons of photos to process. I don't know when this whole "free time" i...
Day 988
When you're on quarantine and your parents want to make you a pleasure =) such package at the doors is the best! I have a lot of chocolate here,...
Day 987
It was cloudy day. Just for this one short moment the sky make this show.
Day 986
This perfect moment when someone does your duties for you :) It was a good choice to help a friend with finding place for the quarantine =) #the...
Day 985
One of the advantages of home office is that you can drink coffee from your favorite cup. #theme-at-home
Day 984
And another day at home. Still nice to have nice balcony view ;-)
Day 983
Another day of the quarantine. Nice to have nice balcony view ;-)
Day 982
I love how the nearby office building is responding to what is going on - this heart is for our health services that have hard times during coro...
Day 981
Goodbye, Iceland!
Day 980
It was not the only "bucket list" photo I've made that day. What a pity that both of them was on the same day... But somehow this is more "bucke...
Day 979
The feeling of driving a car on the road between the mountains and the ocean is great =)
Day 978
The weather is getting more and more Icelanding :)