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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Always wanted to finish 365. Switched from tons of equipment to compact camera and finally made it.
#3 229/365
2 streak
Day 959
Music is my life. Photography may be my hobby, but music is something that I'll never give up. #theme-slices-of-life
Day 958
I like those moments when frames dawn on me. And very common things, like wheel of my office chair can look interesting. #theme-slices-of-life
Day 957
Just a standard "winter" view on the way to work. There was no snow yet in my city, I mean snow that last more than few hours. And I still remem...
Day 956
It was a hard day at work. Time to go home... #theme-slices-of-life
Day 955
Yet another streak balcony view.
Day 954
A short goodbye trek to Chochołowska Shelter for their famous desert - an apple pie with cream and blueberries. I hope that everyone knows that...
Day 953
The second day was one of my best in the mountains ever. A lot of power, perfect conditions, beautiful views... everything went smooth. We didn'...
Day 952
This time mountains didn't welcome us with a perfect weather.
Day 951
Streak balcony view
Day 950
As a woman raised by housewife that has done everything for her husband and son, I love watching men doing such activities as sewing, ironing (t...
Day 949
Quick shot during integration party. Now I can see that it's not in the line, but I just wanted to have anything done and people were waiting to...
Day 948
Yeap, that's today's mood. Dark, cold, windy and wet. The wind is really strong now, and I can hear it even in the pipes in the bathroom (l live...
Day 947
A short story about the guitar in the case. It's not so often when I use hard-case for it, usually it's much easier (and not so heavy!) to take...
Day 946
Same flowers, different day :)
Day 945
I've got some tulips from my mum and on the way home bought another ones. So here there are.
Day 944
Photo about a lamp and light. Just like that.
Day 943
Just a spontaneous theme photo while I was driving back home. #theme-in-motion
Day 942
Another visit in Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej.
Day 941
As I've described my home studio recently here in community, there is a picture :) If someone says that you have to have special installation fo...
Day 940
I've made another part of putting all of the things to their places. And found many interesting ones. Like this floppy disk with my grandpa hand...
Day 939
Good to have such a view, there is always a rescue when all photos from all over the day are crappy ;-)
Day 938
This moment when you have so much trauma because of forgetting to take a pic for 365 that you want to be on the safe side at the very beginning...
Day 937
This is how it looks like recently. Where is the snow?! Why can I go with my unzipped jacked in the middle of the winter?
Day 936
This very moment when you come back from your awesome hairdresser and instead of removing make-up and putting on your slippers you make even bet...