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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Welcome to my world =)
#4 240/365
4 streak
Day 1,335
I've got a mug from my friend today. Like that, without a special occasion. She just texted me "can you come downstairs, I've got something for...
Day 1,334
Guitar strings (and guitars in overall) are one of the first things that come on my mind when I think about symmetry. It's nice to have such a f...
Day 1,333
I have no idea how it came, that I haven't posted anything about my new speakers! Finally, after about a year leaving with borrowed ones, I have...
Day 1,332
I've recently gone crazy after books of Jonathan Carroll. I've read "only" 3 and bought 2 other ebooks, but when I've realized that there is no...
Day 1,331
I visited my friends. They have awesome cat! And I had only my phone with me... But the king is there :)
Day 1,330
I thought that I'll take a simple shot for #theme-transparent and few tries later, after getting out the background and setting the light in the...
Day 1,329
Sometimes I can't resist buying flowers at grocery or DYI stores. Today it was such a day. For the excuse I have one empty spot after flower tha...
Day 1,328
It's unfair that such a nice day gives such a headache. It was, ekhm... still is, hard to do anything. I can't remember such a pain for years......
Day 1,327
Today's photo is also a result of some not planned actions in my life ;-) On last Saturday - in this very moment I have to underline that it was...
Day 1,326
Today it will be with the whole story :D This is a vinyl that I've managed to won in the auction for WOŚP. Nothing special, I wanted to buy anot...
Day 1,325
Today it was over 10 degrees. There was an interesting meltdown between winter and spring. #theme-cold
Day 1,324
The sky after sunset was amazing today :)
Day 1,323
Finally managed to find time to listen the LP I've got for Christmas from my brother :D Better late than never ;-)
Day 1,322
I didn't realize the moment when the sun is again visible at the sunset.. The Spring will come, despite it's still cold as [...] ;-) #theme-cold
Day 1,321
Sometimes it's better to take a new photo than to try to develop something from existing one. Unfortunately I went outside today only with my ph...
Day 1,320
When you're a little spinach seed and they said you should sprout after 10-12 days, but you don't like to align with others ;-)
Day 1,319
I didn't have a better idea for photo today. Luckily the sky was not so boring ;-)
Day 1,318
I've decided to wash my car. I had no idea how much sand it was cumulated on its back until I didn't wash it out. But doing so in temperatures n...
Day 1,317
I wouldn't be me if I didn't put any "music" brand in this weekly theme ;-) So today you can see how Gibson logo looks like on my brother's Nigh...
Day 1,316
Just a small life hack for exchanging lamps. When you are proud of exchanging ones in the bathroom by yourself, and finally found ones you like...
Day 1,315
Fat Thursday - everyone should eat donuts, but I haven't done any and have no time to go out to buy one, so I looked up what I have in the fridg...
Day 1,314
It was a wonderful day, with a lot of good things that happened, but it revealed that I have only poor photos from it :D So, just a streak piece...
Day 1,313
Recently I made commitment to myself, that each time I have to throw out rubbish or buy something in shops nearby, I make at least one round in...
Day 1,312
I planned to get pic of this sweets for the last week theme - in fact I bought them specially for it :D but somehow forgot about it.. but I thin...