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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Welcome to my world =)
#5 23/365
20 streak
Day 1,483
Love all berries! I've gone crazy, I'm not sure it it's good to eat such amounts of them, but summer is short and I'm not going to limit myself...
Day 1,482
I'll never have enough of my sky.
Day 1,481
I'm starting to have home-grown coriander! ❤
Day 1,480
We had a little storm today. I hoped that the rain will make it everything more clear but the air is still heavy...
Day 1,479
It seems that storm is coming, but it feels like that for few hours yet and nothing came... I had workshops during this weekend, another piece f...
Day 1,478
Just a streak pic that I've taken in the morning "just in case". And it was good, as the rest of the day was quite intensive and I have no space...
Day 1,477
My ingredients for dinner are smiling ;-) #theme-curves
Day 1,476
I've finally went through all the LPs that I've bought/got recently. Listening music from a gramophone is a bit more engaging than from Spotify...
Day 1,475
Today for the first time I went to the local market with my brother. It was great - fresh vegetables, this tomato bigger than my hand, fresh int...
Day 1,474
After piano period now I'm more into guitar. But it's always like a question "which child you love better". And I'm always too short of time for...
Day 1,473
I've took out my rollerblades first time on Saturday since 3 years as far as I remember. Today I went alone on the bike path near my home. It wa...
Day 1,472
Sometimes making extraordinary coffee instead of standard one is needed :)
Day 1,471
Only lemonade can save us in this heat :) #theme-dark
Day 1,470
I've got two LP's from my friend in return for a favor. And it wasn't planned, but titles combines in "So good" :D
Day 1,469
It's seven years since I've got keys to this place with such a great view. It's hard to imagine the amount of time that passed, and I've just mo...
Day 1,468
I should take my compact camera with me, but I didn't and so this phone pic has to be enough. It was a great concert - 35 years of Voo Voo with...
Day 1,467
In theory my current diet doesn't allow fruits, but... the summer is only once a year and I had to eat some cherries =) #theme-dark
Day 1,466
There was quite impressive storm here today... #theme-dark
Day 1,465
It's not so easy to take a pic of the bubbles. It's the only decent shot from over 30 I've done... Fortunately, except having bubbles in it, it'...
Day 1,464
Weekend at the holiday cottage. There were some fragaries. And I've just realized there is no distinction in English between them and "full size...
Day 1,463
My mum likes stones and since some times the main thing we get her on various occasions are semi-precious stones. And I have to admit that from...
Day 1,462
I'm not a "pastel" person. I like strong colors, contrast and clarity. I wear black and red. I have black bicycle and red car. When I look aroun...
Day 1,461
Wow, so here am I, at the beginning of fifth year here. Five sounds nice and serious :D When I remind myself my doubts and fears at very start o...
Marta finished 365 project #4!
Day 1,460
So... here I am, at the end of 4th year. I've started with and hopefully this pic will complete it nicely whi...