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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Welcome to my world =)
#5 102/365
3 streak
Day 1,562
Made some rockets with my nephews. This is a really good thing to play with Duplo from time to time :D
Day 1,561
Being on the InfoShare was a fun, but required also a bit of work - to advertise our company and to talk with potential candidates. It was nice...
Day 1,560
Fisz Emade Tworzywo - live as a part of InfoShare conference. I was lucky to have a pass that allowed attending to this concert.
Day 1,559
I have a problem with my elbow, so it's easier to play drums than guitar :)
Day 1,558
When you need to leave the house, notice that your taxi will be in few more minutes and look outside. Love such moments of coincidence.
Day 1,557
Streak. I should have taken them to cemetery, but somehow forgotten.
Day 1,556
I miss ice-skating so much! The summer passed so fast that I've almost missed the start of the season.
Day 1,555
Fortunately I've taken this pic, as it was the only one on that day that I could post here. It was a tough day, I've visited my grandparents at...
Day 1,554
I found a feather today on my balcony. #theme-golden
Day 1,553
Just a control walk near walnuts trees to check if nothing was left. And I've found this little guy and regret that I don't have my camera with...
Day 1,552
I was collecting again walnuts for my nephews and again in the rain and dark with headlamp :D But this year there is less of them, I think that...
Day 1,551
I have another "5PLN/1EUR" friend from DYI shop ;-)
Day 1,550
It's 1AM. I just fought the battle with some warms in the kitchen and noticed that my PC is still running. Yes, processing that pic helped me to...
Day 1,549
I've made a walk at the sea today and walked a bit at the water line. I've met two girls, seemed not to be polish, that were making that, laughi...
Day 1,548
And even balcony view again once again ;-)
Day 1,547
A balcony view again, sorry ;-)
Day 1,546
It's nice to make a favor to somebody in exchange to flowers :)
Day 1,545
Still remember that whipped cream has no sugar :D
Day 1,544
When you have a great day and later on it reveals that all you can post here is a toilet sign :D
Day 1,543
I have a friend who has 2 cats. I've recently got a pencil with guitars on it, so she got a mug from me ;-)
Day 1,542
That's also from my mother garden :)
Day 1,541
I'm not sure if my mum is aware what she has in the garden ;-)
Day 1,540
It's over 7 years now and I still love that view.
Day 1,539
I spend all afternoon with the piano, pen and paper. I've created one song and melodies for 3 other "old" lyrics. Perfect day!