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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Welcome to my world =)
#5 146/365
17 streak
Day 1,606
So... this is it. My last pic here. Life is unpredictable, I'd never expect it happening like that. But... sometimes you hear a voice deep insid...
Day 1,605
I saw the first snow today, so I needed to react :D
Day 1,604
Sometimes you need to get out of your comfy hole and visit the city ;-)
Day 1,603
It's always a nice feeling when your plants have "children" :)
Day 1,602
Word for today: Ikigai (n) a reason for being; the thing that gets you up in the morning. So simple and so hard in the very same moment...
Day 1,601
It's some kind of the rainbow season here :D
Day 1,600
It's a bit strange feeling when you don't need to enhance photo much to have amazing view. It was really like that!
Day 1,599
Rainbow in the morning and I'm totally off from taking photos for the rest of the day ;-) In fact it was quite fortunate today, as it was crazy...
Day 1,598
Every moment of the blue sky nowadays is priceless. Especially that it was also raining today.
Day 1,597
Totally forgot that it'd be better to have a camera when leaving home for a whole day and staying overnight at my parents'. And dedicated pic I...
Day 1,596
So... it was all about the sun yesterday... today it was not so nice, but I've managed to take a walk in the moonlight :D At least something. It...
Day 1,595
Amazing! I've seen the sun! And a rainbow, or even two! I had to go to a doctor appointment and the sun shined directly into my eyes, it was gre...
Day 1,594
I haven't seen sun since a landing in Warsaw on the Sunday morning, when I was still above the clouds...
Day 1,593
Unfortunately I had only a phone with me visiting my friends. They tuned their piano, it was great :) And I'm happy that I've realized that I ne...
Day 1,592
When you almost forgot that you're still making 365 and you need to take some photos, so you shoot anything nearby late in the evening not check...
Day 1,591
Just before landing in Warsaw early in the morning. I had a feeling that it will be the last view of the sunshine for quite a long time and till...
Day 1,590
Creating such pebbles patters is really relaxing. I've made also a little pebble tower.
Day 1,589
It was a crazy ride and run to catch this sunset, but it was worth it!
Day 1,588
Most typical Madeira view - see, cliff, houses on the slope and small beach
Day 1,587
This was the only frame I really wanted to shoot. But maybe not in such fog ;-) Unfortunately it wasn't on our way again - in fact it's not on t...
Day 1,586
Ponta de São Lourenço is on the totally opposite side of the island than the lighthouse from the first day. It was a nice hike there.
Day 1,585
It was a great day on trekking from Pico Do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo and back with the awesome sunset at the end.
Day 1,584
It's hard to choose a photo from a day full of views so I post the most catchy sunset one ;-)
Day 1,583
After a week on Madera I can say that it's definitely place where I could belong :)