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Marta Tomaszewska

Never pretended to be a photographer, although photography is one of my major hobbies. Welcome to my world =)
#4 316/365
80 streak
Day 1,411
This relatively hard day ended with some quite amazing sunset. I wanted to picture there a docking cable for my duty laptop that I've broke in t...
Day 1,410
Long time no selfie! ;-) New haircut and fresh color, new camera, new lenses, first spring storm today... I just had to take it! :) And maybe I...
Day 1,409
I bought myself some tulips on Friday as a price for some achievements at work :)
Day 1,408
I went for a ride with a friend. From time to time we just visit some things nearby (nearby fits in 150km from home more less). We've planned to...
Day 1,407
Just a spontaneous few shots while pouring my green tea. I had to drink few cups in short time to achieve a proper result :D #theme-drinks
Day 1,406
It was long intensive day and I'm glad that I'm still working from home - in other case I'd be like 14h outside... I keep my new camera on my de...
Day 1,405
Today I've waved goodbye to my old friend Canon 5d. No, I don't sell it, just put it into storage with all that photographic (mostly analogue) s...
Day 1,404
I'm limiting myself to only one cup of coffee daily. So it has to be a perfect one :) Today I've managed to have perfectly measured amount of mi...
Day 1,403
Who would say that's not a wine but beetroot sourdough? ;-) I have enough of doctors, diagnosis and other medical tests. I decided to cure mysel...
Day 1,402
Someone who invented the situation, when you can buy something, pay in installments and additionally start paying after 3 months is an evil. But...
Day 1,401
I've bought those flowers from a very old lady where I was walking through Gdańsk day before. They smell so strong!... I left the change even fl...
Day 1,400
I went with my friend for photo-walk in Gdańsk, trying to figure how my new camera will work. As I'm using still the same old lenses there is no...
Day 1,399
There are no stripes... #theme-abstract
Day 1,398
I love my sky spectacles :)
Day 1,397
I didn't plan it. It just happened. I've entered the site yesterday evening and find out there is a discount for Canon RP with extra battery. I...
Day 1,396
Today it's only one thing to do - listen to Top Polish hits of Radio 357. The atmosphere is quite different when it's based on postal voting and...
Day 1,395
I've opt-in for a composition classes next year. I think it's a proper moment to start thinking about my own music. The singing classes I attend...
Day 1,394
Today I've spent spontaneous Saturday at the Nabrzeże Barkowe in Gdańsk (previously used as a stop of water tram near Twierdza Wisłoujście), whe...
Day 1,393
Sometimes you don't need to leave your flat to find blooming plants :D It's a really strange feeling when you have to weed your concrete balcony...
Day 1,392
I had this idea for selective color theme, but somehow didn't manage to use it. And today I have no idea for other photo, spring changed into au...
Day 1,391
I have some "better" photos from today, but I need this guy in my story. This is Marley, my friend's dog, which I've met for the first time toda...
Day 1,390
It's nice to have a park nearby. But if not the weekly theme (ok, and the package for pick up) I think I'd stay at home today, it's so insanely...
Day 1,389
Two towers ;-)
Day 1,388
My mother's pasqueflower. I think I take pictures of them every year. They remind me mountains. #theme-selective-color