Nilson Menezes

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Hi, everybody, I live in a town very close to Paris, France, and I'm passionate of photography. For nearly 40 years, I am an addict of this practice, with ups and downs. It's a great experience...

Year #3 Progress
Day 864
Chambre avec Vue
Day 863
Orange Symphony. From a balcony in Marseilles, a gorgeous sunset
Day 862
Lake at dusk
Lake at dusk
Day 861
Boats on Row
Boats on the lake of Bois de Vincennes
Day 860
New sharing service
New sharing service Paris has changed the bike sharing service this year.
Day 859
Day 858
Beer and Friends
Beer and Friends
Day 857
Day 856
20 meters on the left
Day 855
Day 854
People on Bridge
People stand on a bridge for snap shooting by a gloomy day
Day 853
Day 852
Day 851
Staircase and red facade
Day 850
Louvre again and again
Day 849
Mire du Sud
This monument could be found inside of Parc Montsouris at Paris southern. It is aligned with another one at Paris northern (close to Montmartre) and c...
Day 848
View over the side of the fence
Day 847
Wooden carving
Day 846
Conversation on a rainy day
Day 845
Day 844
Car dealer and Trash Bins
Day 843
Day 842
Old and Modern. Louvre's facade on the background and an electric car charging station on foreground
Day 841
#841 (3.121): Specter
#841 (3.121): Specter Practically, in France, all municipalities of a certain size have a monument to the dead of the war of 14-18, the one that was t...