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Jean-Francois CARETTE

#1 35/365
26 streak
Day 35
Old Mailbox
of the time the letters traveled on horseback. (au temps où les lettres voyageaient à cheval)
Day 34
To infinity and beyond ! (Toy Story - Buzz)
We only wait for the boat ! (On n'attends plus que le bateau !)
Day 33
Compass to go straight ahead
At the end of the pier, is a Rose des Vents. (Au bout de la jetée, se trouve une Rose des Vents)
Day 32
Coffee, tea and Whiskey galore
Café, thé et Whisky à gogo. #theme-caffeine
Day 31
Pinocchio so Alive.
He looks so alive that I could not resist. (Il a l'air tellement vivant que je n'ai pas pu résister)
Day 30
The horizon is out of place.
Keep balance !
Day 29
Day 28
Day 27
Day 26
Day 25
Old advertising sign for pure malt Whisky
The old customer who holds out his glass has lost his left leg. Anyway, he is not sitting on the bar stool !
Day 24
Red owl
And I raised my sword before him but the smallest flame His eyes burned me. (Et le seul spectacle de son regard de feu m'a retourné les yeux à...
Day 23
Day 22
A jetty to the sea
#sea #walk
Day 21
Day 20
Day 19
Day 18
No swimming (bis) !
Somebody was angry ?
Day 17
Real 'R2D2' came to visit us in Arcachon
He suffered a little bit from Star Wars. Happy retirement !
Day 16
Dolphin and Mermaid fountain
At the bottom of the Moorish Park ("Parc Mauresque")
Day 15
French "Gilets jaunes" (yellow vests) occupy crossroads
To be heard, french protesters of government measures peacefully occupy road junctions, here a...
Day 14
Venetian carousel
Such a beautiful wooden horse at the coast in Arcachon.
Day 13
Day 12
Palace of the Alhambra
Only a replica #spain #city-monuments