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Phillip Flores

I live in Sydney, Australia.
#4 224/365
2 streak
Day 1,295
View From Higher Up
We went to this lookout that is not far from where we live to get a view of the extent of the flooding. As you can see the river (...
Day 1,294
Road Closed
This is the view with the bridge behind me. With the bridge being underwater this main road is closed which means that we are quite isolat...
Day 1,293
Bridge Underwater
I took this photo at about 9:00 today. As you can see, there are quite a number of curious people looking at the fast flowing water...
Day 1,292
Getting Higher
This is the bridge near where I live. As you can see the water level of the river is not that far from the top of the bridge and it is...
Day 1,291
Man On The Balcony
Rain and more rain.
Day 1,290
Richmond Main Street
A rainy night at Richmond.
Day 1,289
Book Lovers
Day 1,288
Richmond Train Station Platform
A very rainy day. Grey, wet, miserable.
Day 1,287
Watercolour Paint Tubes
Day 1,286
Gym Day
Great for undoing the stress brought about by several days of intense work (getting the application ready for testing).
Day 1,285
Day 1,284
Day 1,283
Day 1,282
Busy Weekend
No time to go out and take photos. Here is a photo of my constant companion this weekend.
Day 1,281
Day 1,280
At The Gym
Day 1,279
Knife Point
Day 1,278
One Day Before Full Moon
Day 1,277
Day 1,276
Day 1,275
Lake Burragorang
View from the lookout. This lake came about when the Warragamba Dam was built (1948-1960). In the process, a town called Burragorang...
Day 1,274
Day 1,273
Richmond Park Grandstand
Day 1,272
A New Beginning
Decided to feature a photo of Tookapic on a day that most of us were waiting for and hoping for the good news after Pawel gave us a hi...