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Phillip Flores

I live in Sydney, Australia.
#4 222/365
1 streak
Day 1,317
End of Autumn.
Day 1,316
Day 1,315
First Time Ever
This was photo of the day last 04 June 2020 and I decided to enter it into a competition in our local annual agricultural show. This p...
Day 1,314
Signs and Shadows
Day 1,313
St Mary's Catholic Church
Built in 1892.
Day 1,312
Day 1,311
Boats At The Marina
Day 1,310
Day 1,309
Day 1,308
After The Flood
This is the bridge that was underwater from 2 March to 11 March 2022. You can see the silt and mud brought about by the floodwaters. L...
Day 1,307
Watercolour painting by my wife.
Day 1,306
Chain Rings
Day 1,305
Bike Computer
Day 1,304
A Surprise
In the state where I live (New South Wales, Australia) the government released a phone app (both iPhone and Android) called Service NSW. In...
Day 1,303
Day 1,302
Bridge is now open for regular traffic.
Day 1,301
Day 1,300
Walls Lookout
A completely different photo this time. After over a week of rain and flooding, here is a view of Walls Lookout at the Blue Mountains Na...
Day 1,299
More Flooding, Rain Break
This is how the park near where I live looks like. Water as far as the eye can see. On the right side you can barely see the...
Day 1,298
And It Keeps Going
A water level indicator shows 14.1 metres and the water is still rising. This is now the highest level since the closing of the bri...
Day 1,297
Another Night At The Gym
Bridge still closed. Nowhere to go.
Day 1,296
Not Today
These signs are quite common around the state and are updated accordingly especially during the summer months. But at the moment, one can sa...
Day 1,295
View From Higher Up
We went to this lookout that is not far from where we live to get a view of the extent of the flooding. As you can see the river (...
Day 1,294
Road Closed
This is the view with the bridge behind me. With the bridge being underwater this main road is closed which means that we are quite isolat...