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Year #2 Progress
Day 552
Let's Get Physical
#theme-mono #black-and-white
Day 551
Towards the Light
This is the same tunnel as this photo Today was a dreary day, quite overcast, #theme-mono #black...
Day 550
A common sight nowadays, people walking with headphones, earphones, or earbuds, absorbed in their own world. #theme-mono #black-and-white
Day 549
Queen Victoria Building Sculptures
On the other side of the building opposite are these
Day 548
Day 547
Waxing Gibbous
Not long to go before another full moon.
Day 546
This is at the same place where this photo was taken
Day 545
Strength 2
This is another view of this photo
Day 544
Street Artist
I am amazed at the talent of this person. He gives away his sketches for free in exchange for a donation.
Day 543
Day 542
This is a photo of the escalator area of a shopping mall in the city. This is what you see if you look up. This is the same one as https://t...
Day 541
Original Entrance To The Museum
Original Entrance To The Museum This is the original entrance into the Australian Museum (ca 1850).
Day 540
Crescent Moon
I went for a long drive looking for a subject for today's photo and nothing. So another streak photo.
Day 539
Blast From The Past
Streak photo.
Day 538
XBox Controller
#game-controller #xbox
Day 537
Looking Up At St. Mary's
This is the front of St. Mary's Cathedral. I decided to take a different perspective this time.
Day 536
Riding to Work
#cyclist #ride-to-work #healthy-lifestyle
Day 535
Cruise Ship
This ship is so big that it is unable to go under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Day 534
Eastern Distributor
One of the many roads that lead to the Central Business District of Sydney.
Day 533
Day 532
Smiley Buttons
Rummaging through some drawers and I found these old smiley fridge magnets.
Day 531
Looking Down
Looking down at St. Mary's Cathedral and Hyde Park from the observation deck of the Sydney Tower. #sydney-tower #looking-down
Day 530
St Mary's Cathedral Again
Another photo of St. Mary's Cathedral. I took this at lunch time today using an ND filter.
Day 529
Argyle Stairs
I went for a lunchtime walkabout today and I went to the older part of Sydney. This stairs leads up to the part of Sydney Harbour Bridge...