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Phillip Flores

Husband, father, now grandfather too. Bush walking with my camera is my get away from it all activity.
#3 207/365
226 streak
Day 937
Day 936
Fallback Photo
Did not leave the house because a tradesperson was coming but didn't.
Day 935
Day 934
Bridge In The Chinese Garden
Day 933
Another Focus Stacking Study
Day 932
Lincoln's Rock
Great views but it was very cloudy and everything was dull and hazy.
Day 931
The New Bridge
Day 930
Study In Focus Stacking
This is my first attempt in doing this kind of thing. Also, it has been raining the whole day so I can't really go out.
Day 929
Waiting For Spring
Day 928
Metro Train Arriving
Day 927
Day 926
Day 925
Day 924
Sydney Harbour Bridge At Night
Day 923
Day 922
Day 921
Inside Legends Bakery
Day 920
Day 919
Fallback Subject
Rainy day.
Day 918
It has been raining since morning and it will be like this for the next two days. It will be challenge to keep the streak going.
Day 917
Day 916
View Of McMasters and Copacobana Beaches
The still water in the middle of the photo is a rock pool. It was low tide when I took the photo.
Day 915
Day 914
Fenced In
I intentionally focused on the fence rather on the cars to have a blurred background.