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Phillip Flores

Husband, father, now grandfather too. Bush walking with my camera is my get away from it all activity.
#3 128/365
147 streak
Day 858
I have been thinking for sometime how to take this kind of photo and one day it occurred to me to use the burst mode of my phone's camera and...
Day 857
Sydney Opera House Sails
I took this photo from my office window which is about 3.0km away to check out how a 30x zoom looks like.
Day 856
In Adoration
A Tyburn nun kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament in adoration.
Day 855
Day 854
A New Toy
Lumix TZ80
Day 853
It is exciting to observe the life cycle of the Large Spotted Ladybird in my own backyard. After weeks of being just a larvae with with yellow...
Day 852
The Green And The Black
Day 851
Madonna And Child
Day 850
A Cup of Black Coffee
Day 849
Day 848
Life Is Good
Day 847
Flowers For Mum
Flowers from my eldest daughter for Mother's Day.
Day 846
Water Droplets
I used a 20mm extension tube and a 50mm prime lens.
Day 845
Day 844
Crossing The Bridge
Day 843
Large Spotted Ladybird Larvae and Victim
As an adult it looks like this:
Day 842
Vegemite An Australian Icon
Day 841
Large Spotted Ladybird
Simiar to
Day 840
Day 839
Orange Sky
Another sunset photo taken from the same location I pass by when I ride my bike.
Day 838
Moon With Clouds
A cloudy afternoon which continued until the evening prevented me from having a clear shot at the moon. It then became a race as the...
Day 837
Late Afternoon At The Park
Day 836
Today's Bike Ride Statistics
A bike computer can provide all these numbers that one can use to analyse their ride.
Day 835
Red Rumped Parrot