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Kateli Looks like heaven ! Where were you ??

vera I thought exactly as you: a little coin of paradise!

tania @Kateli and @vera. I don't think I can tell you anything else... it was... heaven :)

My Confetti Moon Simplistic beauty - stunning :)

tania Thank you ! Happy you like it.

Margie I love this. So delicate and romantic. Beautiful background that adds to the feel.

tania Thank you. I hesitated because I also wanted to crop it much more to keep only flowers on the bottom left and water as a background. Finally I kept this, I found it more interesting, even if there are, I think, too many details to see on the picture. Have the feeling you don't know what and where to watch.

Margie I struggle with too much in photos sometimes making it not a clear image from a distance. But scrolling in shows detail I want so I do it anyway for me. In yours, I definitely think it works beautifully and adds charm to the image. The tulips seem to point toward the stones and waterfall. I can take it in all at once. You are a wonderful photographer and I look to your work to help me grow.

tania Thank you for this really kind comment. I don't consider myself as a photographer, but I know I've learned so much this year by looking at fantastic photos and trying many things. And also, having my own camera, the one I chose and cherish (!) helps a lot... :)

Satoshi T Wonderful shore. Nice DOF :)

tania Thanks Satoshi... If you read my previous answer to Margiewb, you'll see I hesitated with the background.

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