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Paweł Kadysz Looks like he's having fun. Welcome to tookapic! Enjoy your project. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pics soon ;)

Monika Mo Indeed he is having fun. Thank you for the warm welcome, wish me luck!

Mouhsine Idrissi Very nice capture. Welcome, keep posting and mostly have fun

Monika Mo Thanks a lot. I am absolutely excited about the photo a day project but I'm not the most consistent person in the universe. Hope this website will help me a little bit to stick to my goal :)

Mouhsine Idrissi Trust me if I tell you that none of us is consistent but being part of tookapic is so important that it help us stay focused and doing what we like to do.

Monika Mo Good to hear (or read) that I am not the only one.

Mouhsine Idrissi You are not the only one and you will see when you start posting pictures every day how it becomes a habit and you become something you look forward to

Monika Mo I already do look forward to uploading more. I do a lot of photography, some client commisions and some personal projects but I am sure I haven't taken photos everyday.

Mouhsine Idrissi First there is a weekly theme if you are interested in following that. Than I suggest you create a folder in your desktop call it Tookapic and you fill it up with the photos you like to post so you have them ready. And every time you photograph think about Tookapic. There you will be ready to upload everyday. Also don't forget to interact with other members of Tookapic community.

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