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Margie Wonderful doors. Love the colors and beautiful details.

elenagutga So interesting! I find these doors so intriguing...

NitaR Beautiful and very interesting.

MyNeverEndingStory It is beautiful. How do you know so much about what a particular element symbolize?

My Confetti Moon Thank you @MyNeverEndingStory It's just bits & pieces of info absorbed from my father as we tended family graves over the years

bvphotosnap Interesting info and image! well done!!

Amarnath Shiva Very Interesting info

Tomasz Dolata are beautiful :) I love this atmosphere! Great shot @My

My Confetti Moon Thank you! @tomasz Dolata I feel it's a lost art

Satoshi T I like this old feeling.

My Confetti Moon Thanks so much :) @Satoshi T.

Ewa Kuryło very interesting :-)