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Roman Czarny Once again wish you health for your mom - keep your thoughts were filled with joy

My Confetti Moon Many thanks for your kindness & words :)) very much appreciated! @Roman

Tomasz Dolata I join with the wishes @Roman :)
That's how it is in the difficult moments I appreciate every second of life, breath and see the beauty that surrounds us

My Confetti Moon It certainly kept us all grounded during the final wedding details! Very appreciative of your words & thoughts, thx :))

Kateli A happy Mum is so precious ! And as our smiles meant the world to her when we were kids, her smile means just as much or even more for us ! Making the most of each day and the small but beautiful things in life is my moto ! Best wishes to you and your Mum.

My Confetti Moon Thank you! @Kateli your words are beautiful & very appreciated :)

Margie With your artistic skills, I think you should become a marketing exec for Cleveland! Such happy news that you are going home with you mother.

My Confetti Moon Your so kind @Margie thx for such a nice complement! Your thoughtful words & wishes are always appreciated :))

bvphotosnap So glad to hear happy news! I agree with @Margie this looks as if it could be an advertisement for the hospital or on their letterhead. Marvelous!! :)

My Confetti Moon @bvphotosnap you are very kind :)) Your words & thoughts are always uplifting & I'm very thankful!