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Marcin Chęciński I know the feeling, I had to print 3 pictures for my photography module at university and holding pictures that you took yourself is definitely a good feeling :D

agnieszka bladzik i have photos from most of my trips printed out. mainly because my parents insist on it. the hardest part is to pick few from a hundreds I take on each trip. Missing the time when you got only 36 photos available in analog?

Nick Graham Nice! Do you have any recommendations for printers? Ink (does this even matter?)? What kind of paper do you use? I'm sad to say I've never printed one of my own pictures :(

Paweł Kadysz Few years ago I bought an Epson Stylus 3880 to start a small print shop. After selling 100 or 200 prints I closed the store. It took too much time to print, pack and ship a single print.

But I didn't sell the printer. It's one of the best "amateur" pritner out there. Epson's inks are really high quality. It prints up to A2 paper size, borderless so I can print some really nice photos, frame them and put them on a wall.

I recently bought 100 sheets of 10x15cm photo paper. But I didn't go with the standard glossy one. I decided to buy a matte paper. And by matte, I mean really, really matte. I bought TECCO Photographers Selection DUO MATT. It's really thick - 305gsm. I think this was a good decision. Matte paper gives the photos an unique feel.

Nick Graham Thanks for that in-depth explanation. Greatly appreciated!

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