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lauriscorre Where do you find so many cats??

Kevin Drum A feral cat colony near my house.

agnieszka bladzik cute one i missed your cats :D

SarvasRobert - ZZYZX Great pic,, i am thinking about to upgrade to A7II from dslr canon ,, Can u write a short review to me ?? Thanks a lot

Kevin Drum No problem! The biggest reason I love my A7II is that it is fullframe E-mount, so the short flange distance of the mount means I can adapt almost any lens to it, particularly vintage manual lenses (check out Phillip Reeve's blog for tons of info on this). You can even use sensor stabilization with these lenses; you just have to set the focal length from a menu, which is easy to program to a function button. I've tried a couple of Sony's native autofocus lenses and had no issues. Sony makes some really sharp, small lenses these days. The camera is a good size and weight. The dynamic range is superb. I don't mind ISO 1600 noise at all, and depending on the shot, I've seen ISO 6400 look good with some noise reduction in Lightroom. If you wanted even better low-light performance, you could opt for the A7rII instead. I definitely prefer the electronic viewfinder over a DSLR's optical viewfinder because it is a live view (i.e. you're seeing what the sensor sees), and it has additional features like "focus peaking" and "magnify focus."

It drains the battery quicker than a DSLR, but just turn the camera off when you're not shooting for a few minutes, and keep a spare battery. The electronic viewfinder can become hard to see if sunlight is beaming in around your eye. I have to block the light with my hand some times, especially when shooting around sunset/sunrise. Those are the only downsides I can think of. The only reason I ever take my old Nikon out is when I'm afraid of breaking or losing my Sony. I'm not pro enough to buy insurance for my gear, so I'm cautious.

SarvasRobert - ZZYZX Thank You so much for a cool review, really helped me. Most important advantage for me is a great output quality. Thanks really much my maan :)

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