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Satoshi T Fantastic composition!

Ola Powajbo Your photo ideas are great :-)

Katrina Yu Thank you so much Ola! I really appreciate it! 😊

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Haha, I totally agree and understand your thoughts. If I don't have my 365-project I can totally survive without it (I don't own a cellphone!), but the pressure of not wanting to miss a day in my 365-project (it's my OCD-ness that's acting up) that makes it hard for me to depart with my computer.

Roman Czarny Perfect pic and cool idea

Katrina Yu Thank you Roman!! 😁

vera You're soooo créative Katrina!!! It's fantastic to follow You!

Katrina Yu Thank youuu so much Vera!!! I'm really flattered and your comment help keeps me going! 😊