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Satoshi T Wow well done! congratulations! and nice calm morning photo!

bvphotosnap Thank you @Satoshi! ☺

Romain Normally, your Nikon attach the EXIF data automatically to the picture...

bvphotosnap We upgraded our computer and had to do a fresh install of PS, I save for web and it was in there that I had to find how to attach the exif info. My last few images did not have the info even though the originals had it... new things cause big headaches ☺

Romain Aha... so it's an PS issue? I use ACDSee and EXIF will always be displayed at my pictures.

jayce Wow very elegant photo

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @jayce!

Tomasz Dolata Beautiful view, captured a great moment! the right man in the right place at the right time....

bvphotosnap Thanks so much @Tomasz!! ☺

My Confetti Moon Perfect 😊

bvphotosnap Thanks very much @My! ☺

Amarnath Shiva Fabulous

bvphotosnap Thank you @Amarnath!

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