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Margie Freat!!!

Sebastian Gil Thanks @Margie. Doing my best ;)

Roman Czarny I do not agree with @Margie for me it is an intriguing image
Cool shot of a well-proportionedthe
Insect can not hug But one would not all have to cuddle

Margie I had a typo. Should have read great! I hope it did not translate to something bad.

Sebastian Gil @Roman @Margie according to urban dictionary great means freaking sweet :) Maybe I do miss the second meaning here :) I think this little fellow is indeed very sweet :)

Sebastian Gil Now my autocorrection changed the "freat" to great ;) how great it has to be :)

Roman Czarny Among friends, you can talk a lot
No one no one can be hurt by words
Especially when as I am still learning to speak the language of Shakespeare

Margie I actually love little critters and my boys each had these hermit crabs as pets. We used to hand feed them and had to keep an extra bigger shell in their cage for when they got bigger.