178/365 Glitch
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No remote means more experiments.

It means running back and forth to the camera before the shutter clicks.

It means discovering magic in other ways.

  • Maksym Rudek

    This one.. I love so much! Although it's a bit scary as I image people who lost their identity.. something like we disappear in our lives and do not live our own life. Sorry for long comment but I had to ❤️

  • Katrina Yu

    Thank you thank you @Maksym. Thank you for the long comment, no need for sorry. I love them and they are very much welcome!

    I like your thoughts, and you're right. We need to know how to live for ourselves and not for other's opinion for fear of losing our own identity. See you around tookapic! ❤️

  • Maksym Rudek

    I wish one day I'll be able to tell a story and show emotions just like you did. Once again great job.

  • Katrina Yu

    Thank you so so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me this. It makes the daily struggle more rewarding. 😀

    You do wonders yourself too, your color processing is something I covet!

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