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bvphotosnap Beautiful somber mood in this image, love the lighting and colours!

Romain Tnx @bvphotosnap ....about this photo, I wasn't satisfied because the colours where real bad and and the picture was not sharp enough. I focused on the one thing that was interesting... And I think it was the direction post with the coloured signs on it. So I focused on that and use a filter to accentuate it....

bvphotosnap Which makes for an interesting image, I think you chose the right path ☺ Personally I think this is a beautiful image!
This is one of my favorite images, I also added a filter to help make the image pop! Just curious, if you had walked forward a few steps and then a step to your right, then crouched down a bit to include a bit of the top portion of the gate and framed your shot down through the path, would that not be an interesting perspective?

Romain I understand, why its your favourite picture... the colours, the location, the point of view,.. this picture is an A++
But did you use a filter or is it a HDR?

About your tip to choice a different point of view/shoot... and I confess, that this should be a better point to take the picture again. With your information, I will try to make the same picture in a few days... (the location is a beautiful hiking area, where I often go for a walk, only a few kilometre from home)

bvphotosnap ☺ First - thank you very much, my intention was only to let you know that filters can be fun!
Second - Yes I did use a filter in an app called Pixlr and the filter I think was called Ivan. I find it fun and exciting to experiment with filters, nothing wrong with that ☺
I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with when you revisit this location!

Tomasz Dolata Fietspad naar nergens ? :D Ik hou van de sfeer in uw België....België doet me soms Polen :)

Romain Hoi Tomasz, het gaat hier om een groot (wandel)bos met verschillende bewegwijzerde wandelroutes... heel leuk.
En als ik erop uit trek... gewoon één van die wandelingen volg... dan is dat zo een beetje "verdwalen" in de stilste van het bos ver weg van al het stad lawaai.....
Alhoewel ik zelf van Poolse afkomst ben (mijn vader is hier na W0II blijven plakken in de kolenmijnen...) ben ik er zelf als kind slechts één keer geweest...
En ja... ook wij Belgen houden van lekker eten en drinken....

Tomasz Dolata U begrijpt Poolse taal :) Een vader was een soldaat in General Maczek?

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