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Jesse Lind Thank you!!! :D

tania Hi Mr Splash !

Jesse Lind I'm back!!!! :D Feels good :)

tania And your Mum also with her kitchen I guess ;)

Jesse Lind Haha I took this to my "studio" in the basement and I cleaned it up xD

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Jesse Lind Thanks so much!! :D

Arek Nice timing :) I'm gonna observe your project. Very good photos

Jesse Lind Thanks so much @Arek :D I hope you like what you see ;)

Charlotte Hill That looks so cool!

Jesse Lind Thank you!! :D

Paulina Grudzień Wow! Amazing!

Jesse Lind Thank you!!:D

Roman Czarny Wow ameizing photo

Jesse Lind Thanks so much Roman! :D

Grace very cool! I still need to set up a "studio" somewhere sometime :D

Jesse Lind Haha it's a lot of fun! :)

Grace my husband is making me a computer controlled drip trigger for my camera, hopefully he'll be done soon and I can play with it. Would love to see photos of your studio setup sometime if you are needing a photo idea for one day :D

Jesse Lind OMG!!! I really want one of those! They are like really expensive though. You are lucky he is making it!

Jesse Lind I hope you have a lot of fun with it!! Haha :D

Grace its based on this one, maybe you could make one too. But he's using a program on his computer to do it, it's the same one he uses at work 😊

Jesse Lind I've always wanted to capture one of those pictures!!! They are so cool!!! I want to come visit you now!! xD

Grace haha sure.. project has stalled a bit we have been busy with other things, maybe I'll remind him tonight lol.

Satoshi T Wow Jesse's splash is back again! :D

lind777 Beautiful tree!

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