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Romain this subject is much better then your picture of yesterday :-D .
BTW. 10 points of the Belgian jury :-D

Szymon Maciejczyk fu*k yeah Romain ! one of the best beers in the world, but you should try some polish ones :)

Szymon Maciejczyk c'est triple leffe :)

Romain I once tried Lech... but it's Pilsner Lager beer, and I don't like it ...anyway I never saw here any STRONG Polish ales.... btw... one typical
Polish drink I never forget is a vodka with bison grass ... I think the name was Zubrowka... that was sooooo d*mn good!!!

Szymon Maciejczyk żubrówka it is polish export vodka, I see it everywhere here (north France) but in Poland we drink more clean vodka than żubrówka I think. Lech is mainstream beer, You have to try some polish beers that are similiar to leffe, duvel, grimbergen !

Łukasz Szóstak Mega! jakieś info co do zastosowanego oświetlenia itd.? Efekt końcowy bardzo na tak!

Szymon Maciejczyk jeden chiński softbox z prawej strony i trochę lightrooma :)

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