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Madgdalena I was in Paris and I was disappointed. :( My biggest dream is live in Norway or Sweden. <3

Katrina Yu I totally understand!! The hype is so different than the actual thing, plus all that tourist everywhere 😱 haha
And yes, Norway and Sweden is absolutely beautiful. Love your taste, but I don't think I can survive the cold in long term. 😔

Margie Creative work!

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Hahahaha what a funny way to describe it. But somehow so precise...😩

Kateli I love your creativity !!

Satoshi T I admire to your unique idea and your ability to execute! For CC: In the case of this work, it is better not to apply sharpness too strongly to your eyes (only my opinion...)

Katrina Yu Thank you so much for the CC! Always welcome and always appreciated. <3

This was taken at twilight and light was such a struggle.
I'm shooting at 1/6th in F8. But somehow I loved the graininess I end up with - 'Paris' seems to suit it perfectly. ;)