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Ron Dadoo haha! my souvenir: Once I was a child, after rolling in the grass, a seed got into my ear. A few days later, I was hurting, she was germinating...

Katrina Yu Haha! "Sounds" like a very memorable souvenir. You must have rolled to an extreme to have got it inside.
My souvenir from this is a lot of scratches from handling a lot of bougainvilleas. Apparently, this flower is thornier than a rose. 😆

Margie Great concept. I enjoy all your literary quotes which give me something to think about.

Katrina Yu Thank you Margie. Me too, most of my photos are inspired from those as well. Happy to know someone enjoys them too!! :D

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Katrina Yu <3 back at ya!

vera Strong thought of Camus! Thanks to share it! :-)