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Ron Dadoo He stole the bathrobe Ms. Vader! :-)) Hahaha !

Ron Dadoo ps. I recommend for cooling: "Echinaforce"...

Viola Qniej hahahhahahahha płakłam. sorry - I cried.

Agula CK Darth Veder loves pink, heh? Love the styling!

Man Yue LO Matches the color of his lightsaber.

Alicja get in bed ;) I'm sure U will feel better soon ;)

Radek Skrzypczak haha, you are awesome :D

noun Waw! Darth Vader in pink, Incredible!! Take care of you!

Jakub Purej qbanez Hahahhahah :D Great! :D

tania Looking forward to seeing you in a swimming pool ! Or in your bath.

Chris Excellent!

Marta Lebiocka You are crazy! :D

kat koze Good looking in pink 😀

David Quilagüy Do you sell prints of this pic?

Claire L Cahill Would LOVE to buy this print - is this possible?

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