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Danuta Beautiful place, beautifully sunny and spring! :)

Rose It is beautiful ! But very windy :)

Danuta And at me, today snow from the morning falls, flowers in the garden covered with snow, fruit trees snowy in the snow ... brrr bad weather ;)

Rose I don't like it when winter plays a come back ;)

Danuta Oh I also do not like it very much :D

Abderrahim C'est beau l'environnement :)

Rose Très bel endroit ! Beaucoup de mistral :)

Abderrahim Profites bien, l'été va bientôt dire Bonjour :D

Rose j'ai hâte de voir l'été :-)

Nutt Lovely pic! Say hello to M for me. By the way it's freezing here again, after the almost-summer last week - so you're coming back to the cold. Brrr

Rose suis de retour (hélas).... magnifique endroit ! un mistral à décorner un boeuf.... mais superbe !

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