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Roman Czarny Wow excellent photo

vera Thank you very much Roman!

Satoshi T It is as you intended. Depending on the expression of silky water, it is hard to imagine that here is very close to intense traffic.

vera Yes but in fact it is an intense traffic compared to a traffic of the Swiss countryside, but suffisant to don't let me a long exposure without disturbing ... It is a main intercommunal road and the cars go at a speed of 80 km / h or more! ;-) I imagine nothing to do with the traffic of Tokyo !!! Hehehe!

Satoshi T Haha ;) , Indeed!

Satoshi T I would like to introduce the countryside valley in Tokyo this summer. ... but where is a valley in the countryside of tokyo ...

vera Oh yes it would be very interesting! you think about the Todoroki valley in Tokyo? I don't know Tokyo, but Google helped me a little... ;-)

Satoshi T Oh! Although Todoroki is closer to the ocean than my house, there are valleys in the city. However, I have never been there. Nice Took-a-hint! I will go Todoroki. Merci, @vera .

vera Bravo Took-a-hint! It means travel and new discoveries in perspective! Very good!

bvphotosnap Beautiful LE! Great work!

vera Thank you very much bvphotosnap! :-)

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