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Wiktor got 20kg of sand today. And the best way to play with the sand is to get it out of the sandbox as soon as possible.

Another day with the X-T20. Very little post-processing in this one. Just fixed the contrast (which could've been fixed in-camera). I'm overwhelmed with the number of focus points. I will need to get used to it and it will take time.

Unfortunately, not every button and dial is programmable. Therefore some features will take longer to get used to.

But I really like the image quality. It's good. Very good. And it's razor-sharp (once I hit the right spot). Battery life not so good though.

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Fujifilm X-T20
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    Simplicity and refinement of images sometimes embarrass me.

    Like you! I mean it's only 20kg ;-)

    X cameras are really great, batery ... so, need to have two minimum for a day.

    It was a pleasure (and stress) to move from full frame to mirrorless system but ... like everything, no pain no gain.

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