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Dorka Smaczne ujęcie! nareszcie są - sezon letni oficjalnie otwarty ;-)

Danuta Dzięki @Dorka ! ... tak sezon poziomkowy uważam za otwarty :D

Satoshi T Nice work! Since Tokyo has a 'subtropical' climate, strawberry decays soon 😞 unless it is cultivated by the hands of experts 👨‍🎓.

Danuta Wow it's sad, I did not know that in this climate zone there is a problem with the cultivation of strawberries! ;) ..... But in Japan, you have a wonderful garden style, beautiful floral arrangements of bouquets. Beautiful bonzai and of course rice sake :D

bvphotosnap Wow! What a beauty! That's so awesome that you have them in your garden! Great lighting and beautiful texture!

Danuta Thank you very very much @bvphotosnap :) ... The first season I have them in the garden, I am happy to see each next ripe fruit :) !

Roman Czarny Excellent

Danuta Thx very mych @Roman ! ;)

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