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tania Yummy !

vera ;-)

Ula Generalnie jest tak, że jak jest kilka elementów na talerzu, ale coś z nich jest tzw clou programu, to dobrze jest wybrać najatrakcyjniejszy element pośród wszystkich w tym wypadku zawijas z krewetkami tak go strzelić, żeby było wiadomo co to jest, tutaj jest miło i kolorowo ale dominują rzodkiewki, z racji intensywnego koloru a nie o nie prawdopodobnie chodziło, więc jakby obiektyw dać nieco w prawo i lekko zniżyć to ten środkowy element byłby bardziej wyrazisty, ogólnie jest ok ale jak to było na filmie Amadeusz... ? "too much music" :)

vera Sorry but I don't speak polish... I'm not sure to understand what you mean exactly, even with goolge translate! I understand a disadvantageous framing, too many colors? What do you mean? I welcome the constructive remarks, no problem, I am not a professional photographer, but I would like to understand your point of view. Thank you if you can communicate in English?

Ula @vera This dish was surely very tasty. But, for picture, it seems to messy. Too many small bits and pieces distracting eye. U did not choose the right element to place in focus. The focus field looks tilted like You use tilt lens, but unfortunately you misset target. It should be shrimp in the spring roll, but, instead, there are radish leaves in focus, moreover, they do not look like, let's say... garden fresh. :) And.. what is that dark bulky object in background? Finally, the scene could use some backlight.

vera Ok thank you! I'll try to make better next time!

Satoshi T Because I often take messy pictures more then @vera , your Constructive criticism has become a very appreciate. Thank you @Ula !

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