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Dawid Super ;)

Babs Thanks! :)

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Babs Thanks Arek! Appreciate it!

Paweł Te Great photo!
As usually I also don't carry a tripod with me , so when is a need I try to use things around me - a bench, a trash can etc. Last time I've even used my shoe to take a close-up pic:)
Do You normally use a kit pancake lens from oly 14-42ez?

Babs Thank Pawel! :))
That's a good tip, I'll try to remember that for the next time!
Yes, I've only been using my kit lens so far, I'm relatively new to the photography, I've been doing it for only120 days. ;) I am currently considering getting a new lens tho. Any recommendations? Would a new lens make me a better photographer?

Paweł Te Hmmm in my opinion, it wouldn't make You a better photographer, it makes Your pics more sharper, crispier, with more control over depth of field etc. I mean, those things are important, but You can develop Your skills without buying extra stuff:) And maybe prime lens will help You to practice with framing, perspective, and zoom-by-foot:) I am amateur photographer, and don't have much theoretical knowledge:) My lens set are wide zoom 12-32 lumix, telephoto zoom 45-150 lumix, prime 25 1.7 lumix and two fujians - 35 and 50 - so no expensive stuff. I'm thinking 'bout buying 45 1.8 oly lens. If You want to have some fun with shooting and don't want to break a bank I recommend You to try Fujian 35 1.7 - manual CCTV lens for ~20EUR:)

Babs That sounds like a good selection of lenses! I'll definitely check them out and will probably get one sooner or later. And I've also looked and considered the 45 1.8 oly lens, but I would also like to try Panasonic 20mm f1.7, which is claimed by some to be one of the best lenses for the system. I'd like to try them all to be honest! If I could only afford it! But will definitely get the Fujian one for that price! :) Thanks Pawel!

Paweł Te The Pana 20 1.7 is great lens, but You need to know, there's a problem with banding on high ISO when using this lens with Oly bodies:( Till now there's no fix for it, but this problem doesn't apply to everyone, it's a kind of lottery;(

Babs Wow, that's definitely worth knowing! You are well informed Pawel! Thanks for that info!

Ross Fantasic pic Babs :-)

Babs Thank you Ross! :))

Babs Thanks!

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