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Satoshi T Wow! very nice Out-focused ghost in the rain!

Katrina Yu Thank you so much Satoshi-san! Definitely a lucky shot, this one :D

Margie Impressive.

Katrina Yu Thank you, Margie! I was quite surprised with the outcome too.

Kateli Love it !!!
When are you going to publish a book with all your creative photos ? I'd be your first purchaser !

Katrina Yu Aww, thank you for this wonderful comment, @Kateli . You have no idea what this signifies for me!

You know, when you've taken so many photos continuously for so many days, you tend to discover the direction in where you'll want to take your art. And just very recently, to be honest, I've been thinking that I want to create storybooks, like children's illustration book, but with stories through photographs.

Though I still don't know how to proceed in that way, you saying this just told me that maybe I can make it happen! <3 🙏🏼

Kateli So glad that I'm kind of in contact with a future project you might have !
Children's books are so creative and I can really see you capturing their attention with your photos and stories that would go with them.
I'm a school teacher and can for sure tell you one thing... to go for it !!! They'll love your world and imagination !!!
Hope this project materalizes some day !
And again, I would be your first purchaser !!! xxx