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Marko Haka Planning a good backup scheme is suprisingly hard. I have first copy on computer, backup on NAS and JPEGs in cloud. I plan to move my NAS into my garage, which is a separate building, but getting the cabling done is still in the works.

Satoshi T Thank you for introducing your method @fotopaja :). Is the aim of keeping it in another building -garage- is risk spreading?

Marko Haka Absolutely. If the house burns down, the firebrigade will likely save the garage. I'm also not a big fan of RAID configuration since everything in the unit (synology? electronics, power brick) are not duplicated. I much rather use mirrored drives on a desktop PC where all the parts are trivially replaceable and even a single drive (from the mirror) will function normally. I have had my NAS units internal clock fail which made it inoperable via network. I managed to save the files via USB cable. Recovering straight from the disk would not have been trivial since it was running some form of linux and I dont use linux.

Tanguy Had the same issue, recovered a lot, moved to a Synology, I'm now considering backblase for my NAS

Satoshi T Thank you @Tanguy :) Please let me know why you chose backblaze instead of Amazon-drive, Google-drive or Dropbox.

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Satoshi T Oh very nice and easy solution, @pbuzdygan ! :) Since the DS216+ has USB and "C" button on the front panel , it is good to be able to back up the SD card to storage without a PC. Do you use "USB Copy" app by Synology?

Satoshi T I am now back-up RAW data from PC to Amazon cloud manually. but I want to change. I will try to use "Cloud Sync" app and from Synology's storage, automatically synchronize to the Amazon cloud 🌪, while I am asleep 😴.

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Satoshi T Oh Thanks for info of Beta test phase. ... Synology is only looking for Beta Tester from the European area. I live in Asian area😢...

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Satoshi T since the keeping of data is our common subject , let's continue to exchange information. Thank you @pbuzdygan :)

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