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fotopaja Planning a good backup scheme is suprisingly hard. I have first copy on computer, backup on NAS and JPEGs in cloud. I plan to move my NAS into my garage, which is a separate building, but getting the cabling done is still in the works.

Satoshi T Thank you for introducing your method @fotopaja :). Is the aim of keeping it in another building -garage- is risk spreading?

fotopaja Absolutely. If the house burns down, the firebrigade will likely save the garage. I'm also not a big fan of RAID configuration since everything in the unit (synology? electronics, power brick) are not duplicated. I much rather use mirrored drives on a desktop PC where all the parts are trivially replaceable and even a single drive (from the mirror) will function normally. I have had my NAS units internal clock fail which made it inoperable via network. I managed to save the files via USB cable. Recovering straight from the disk would not have been trivial since it was running some form of linux and I dont use linux.

Tanguy Had the same issue, recovered a lot, moved to a Synology, I'm now considering backblase for my NAS

Satoshi T Thank you @Tanguy :) Please let me know why you chose backblaze instead of Amazon-drive, Google-drive or Dropbox.

Przemysław Buzdygan I have NAS Synology 216+ (two bay hdd) - everything what I have, I store there. On front panel there is a USB configured for Copy To function (when I plug there my card reader with SD card in it and press C button on front, NAS starts to copy all my pictures to share that I configured before) and that is how Im placing all my pictures taken during day (as a quick SD card backup). To backup NAS Im using Synology Cloud C2 solution (by my design: once on week scheduled task is making backup - two versions of file are stored). As additional task Im making backup of whole NAS to the USB disk (on my demand but not less frequent than twice on two weeks) after that USB disk is disconnected and placed on different location (still in my house). With this setup I feel enough safe - of course everything is for unprofessional needs - I can adjust frequency of making backup etc

Satoshi T Oh very nice and easy solution, @Przemysław ! :) Since the DS216+ has USB and "C" button on the front panel , it is good to be able to back up the SD card to storage without a PC. Do you use "USB Copy" app by Synology?

Satoshi T I am now back-up RAW data from PC to Amazon cloud manually. but I want to change. I will try to use "Cloud Sync" app and from Synology's storage, automatically synchronize to the Amazon cloud 🌪, while I am asleep 😴.

Przemysław Buzdygan Yes, that is right, Im using USB Copy from Synology.

Przemysław Buzdygan Try to test Synology Cloud C2 backup - at his moment it is in test phase (beta) - after test phase they will run some payment plans for place and for the transfer - at this moment in beta I have 1TB space for my data and no payment plans.

Satoshi T Oh Thanks for info of Beta test phase. ... Synology is only looking for Beta Tester from the European area. I live in Asian area😢...

Przemysław Buzdygan Ahhh... I was not aware of that! But I will inform You if something will change...

Satoshi T since the keeping of data is our common subject , let's continue to exchange information. Thank you @Przemysław :)

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