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Katrina Yu I'm currently so obsessed with Gregory Crewdson's work and this somehow reminds me of him. That's why I have to tell you that I'm really digging this photo of yours. I think the mood here is really exceptional Pat!

Gregory Crewdson (bit.ly/GCrewdsonImages)

Ron Dadoo oh yes Kat' You still make me discover an artist, I like a lot, thank you ! You have to spend many hours behind your screen to discover all this. For my part, I try to distance myself a bit from computers ...

Katrina Yu I'm so guilty of spending so much time on a computer. ✋🏼 I do a lot of readings, studies, and editing on it but it's so bad for our bodies that's why I try to put time limits per tasks! (It's so hard though)

But if I do find someone interesting that is similar to your work, I'll be sure to share them with you ;)

p.s. your Tin-tin adventures is still the absolute original ;)

Ron Dadoo thank you Kat' Tin-tin Is definitely on vacation these days ..

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